New Homeowners

A whole lot of things go into turning a house into a home — which is why it’s so nice to have friends and family pitch in with housewarming gifts! To help you choose a gift for a new homeowner, we’ve lined up eleven awesome gifts that will show your love and support. (Alternatively, if you’re putting together your gift registry, here are some great things to think about adding!)

1. Coffee Maker

If you know they’re a coffee-drinking household, a high-quality coffee machine is pretty much guaranteed to be a housewarming hit. It’s an eminently practical gift, but it also brings some serious vibes of sophistication and luxury — just the right combo for a housewarming! For those who love their lattes and Americanos, a machine with espresso capabilities will help them cut down on their Starbucks runs.

2. Pellet Grill

Are they already talking about what kind of meats they’re going to smoke in their new backyard? If they don’t already have a pellet grill, they need to fix that ASAP — and you can be the one to help. These smoker/grills use a wood-fired cooking method powered by compressed wood pellets, and they’re a cornerstone tool of outdoor cooking for many outdoor gourmands. Some even include WiFi-powered remote control features, so you can check on your pork butt from an app on your phone!

3. Tool Kit

A case of must-have hand tools like wrenches, pliers, a hammer and ratchets is a great move-in gift, particularly for first-time homeowners. This holds true even if the recipient isn’t a DIY enthusiast. In fact, it might be an even better gift for someone less handy, since having a full tool set is a great confidence booster for someone who’s learning handyman skills! Either way, a tool kit also presents opportunities to save money since it’ll help make sure the homeowners are equipped to tackle basic tasks without calling a professional.

4. Knife Set

Kitchen knife sets (usually with a block or other display case to hold them all) are another popular housewarming gift. A high-quality set of knives can last decades, so you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your gifts will be chopping, slicing and dicing in the kitchen for a long time to come. Plus, knife sets can be among the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing gifts, and they’re available in a near-unlimited range of styles to suit every kitchen.

5. Hammock

Do they have a big porch, or even just a few likely looking trees? A well-made hammock is their ticket to good vibes all summer! It’s perfect for reading a book, drinking a beer or just hanging out and enjoying the feeling of being a homeowner. And when the homeowner needs a change of scenery, a hammock is also perfect for taking the park or going camping.

6. Throw Blankets/Pillows

Even with furniture, new homes can seem a little bare — which is where throw pillows and blankets come in! These add a little color, texture and comfort to anybody’s home, and they look especially good when purchased in matching sets. They’re also excellent for homeowners who want to give their decor a little freshening up without making major changes.

7. Wine Club Subscription

Nothing fills a house with joy quite like wine! A subscription to a wine service will help them always stay stocked with the choicest stuff. They’ll fill out their preferences and send them off — then, experts choose wines they’ll love and ship them to their doorstep. It’s an excellent gift for any wine enthusiast who’s just moved into a home with a bigger cellar, or for a wine novice who wants a leg up with getting their collection started.

8. Garden Tools

Gardening is another top perk of homeownership for many people. Whether you’re buying for someone who’s just starting to garden or a certified green thumb, a set of garden tools will get them ready to grow the good stuff. For homeowners who are big on sustainability, throw in some seeds of local plants that they can use to create an eco-friendly pollinator garden.

9. Fire Pit

Fire pits offer an easy and relatively safe way to build a bonfire on a crisp fall evening, so they’re an ideal gift for outdoorsy homeowners. For a futuristic touch, check out the smokeless fire pits that are now on the market — most burn wood, but cut out the annoying smoke and make ash cleanup much easier. If you’d like to not-so-subtly encourage the new homeowner to have you over for s’mores soon, throw in a bundle or two of firewood so they’re all ready to go.

 10. Coffee Table Books

A luxuriously illustrated coffee table book or two can go a long way toward bringing a living room to life. Think about their interests — architecture? Sports? Nature? Comic books? Cars? Whatever they love, there’s almost guaranteed to be a glossy book of eye candy devoted to it. They’re conversation starters and inspirational pieces all in one; perhaps best of all, they’re just a lot of fun to look at.

11. Outdoor Kitchen Island

Do you know somebody who loves to grill, and do you want to get them a jumbo-sized gift with exceptional bang for the buck? Outdoor kitchen island kits make it easy to set up a full-sized patio kitchen with minimal work and no need for DIY skills! Many kits are also modular, so it’s simple for the homeowner to add more modules and reconfigure their setup.

A final tip for a stress-free gift: If you can, include a gift receipt with your housewarming present. This gives the recipient the option to exchange the gift if it’s just not right for their home, without needing to involve you. Now go enjoy that housewarming party!