Are you feeling fed-up with the ambience of your bedroom? Has your boudoir recently begun to appear aged and in need of revitalising? The good news is that you don’t need to completely redecorate your bedroom to uplift the atmosphere and improve your surroundings. With the addition of a stylish headboard, you can regenerate your environment, transforming the ambience of your bedroom into something more desirable.

Most headboards purchased nowadays are primarily for bedroom decoration, although they do still retain an amount of practicality for most people. Headboards do still offer the consumer what they were originally created for and that is to isolate the person (or people) whilst they are sleeping from cold drafts running throughout the home.

When it comes to choosing a headboard for your bed, you can narrow it down to one of two options. You can opt to buy a headboard from a quality distributor, or you can take the plunge into originality and design a completely unique headboard for your bedroom yourself.

Nowadays Headboards are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and materials from contemporary corrugated metal synonymous with ‘that’ New York open-plan apartment look, to upholstered french suede in a “dusty rose” colour, you know; the type of headboard that your great aunt probably owned as you were growing up. If you choose to purchase a headboard from a supplier, the sheer diversity available means that you should be able to find a headboard to compliment both your existing bedroom decor, and your personal tastes.

If you decide to improvise and create your own stylish headboard then you will almost certainly be taking the originality of your bedroom to new heights. What makes the customisation option so appealing is the fact that most improvisations go beyond the basics, leaving them to double as beautifully ornate pieces of art for the modern bedroom.

Some custom made headboards double as storage for books and other small items usually kept in the bedroom. If you have lots of books, they also make a great headboard in themselves! You can stack them up neatly behind your bed to create a completely unique and well-versed headboard, or you can open them up and try painting some quotes on an old wooden panel. Mirrors or glass also work great for customised headboards, as you can decorate them with a variety of materials to create your perfect headboard

Whatever your taste in decor, and whatever ambience you wish to achieve, there will be a headboard available on our website to transform a lacklustre bedroom into a unique work of art. And if there isn’t, you can always try making one or customising your existing headboard.