The Hamburger Bed

An American woman called Kayla Kromer loved hamburgers so much that she decided to design a bed to look like one! She started off buying a round bed base and mattress, then she sewed together the fabric to make the bedding and pillows. The finishing touch was the bun “seeds”, which are made with pairs of rolled up ladies tights! The hamburger bed now lives at Hamburger Harry’s hamburger museum in Daytona Beach, USA.

The Millenium Falcon Bed

Brought to us by the aforementioned creator of the hamburger bed, Kayla Kromer went on to create an even geekier sleeping sensation known as the Millenium Falcon bed. Trust me, every single Star Wars fan on the face of this planet wants to tuck themselves up in this bed tonight (forever alone). The bed features fully-functional headlights, a star field projection and numerous hidden compartments.

The Foetal Position Bed

Not a bed for those who wriggle in their sleep, the human shaped design of the mattress and single bed frame are for foetal sleepers. Apparently, those of us who sleep most comfortably in this position are conscientious, ordered and like things in their place. That may be so, but getting up to flip the mattress each time you want to turn over could become a little tiresome. Just aswell the foetal position bed is a sculpture and not designed to get a good nights sleep.

The Pirate Ship Bed

This pirate ship bed was a one-off custom build for one lucky 6 year old in Minneapolis, USA. The rope bridge leading up to the bed is designed to hold the weight of an adult. This amazing Pirate ship bed has so many cool features, not least of which is a rope attached to the helm of the ship bed that descends down through a hatch into a walk-in cupboard below.

The Space Shuttle Bed

There are quite few space shuttle beds out there but little Chip Gardner’s space shuttle bed is one of a kind as it was hand-built with MDF by his loving father Charlie. The bed includes a dashboard with several light switches, a 5″ black and white radio combiner, front and rear cabin lights (fairy lights), landing lights under each wing, and a red light to simulate a thruster at the back. I think Chip’s face says it all, his bed is so cool!

The Roller Coaster BedThe roller coaster bed designed by Cuban artists Los Carpinteros, formed part of an art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. The artists displayed here all created provocative installations from everyday household furniture or items. Art? Nevermind that, I’m pretty sure it’s possible that you could host the best slumber party in history on this roller coaster bed.

Red Racing Car Bed

It had to be included in this list. It’s a classic after all. The red race car is the godfather of single beds. It is the original “I want that bed” bed. Watch a video below and see Chandler from Friends demonstrate exactly why red race car beds are pretty popular with consumers of all ages:If you can prize the grown-ups away from it then the red race car bed provides the perfect place to slumber for little petrol heads, and rounds off our list of creative beds that’ll make you wish you never grew-up perfectly!Share these creative single beds with your friends, it’ll make them wish they never grew up either!