Home owners today are looking for more aesthetic solutions when it comes to wall finishes, architectural designs, outdoor landscapes and even doors and windows. They look to maximize the effect of outdoor views that their property offers.
This is one of the major reasons for the rising popularity of stacker doors, sliding doors and bifold doors. If you look at these different options, you will find that the stacker door is preferred by many.

Benefits of Installing Stacker Doors in your Home

Installing a stacker door at your home offers a host of advantages. Apart from adding to the aesthetic appeal, these doors are also functionally efficient.
The range of opening offered by stacker doors enables home owners to control the room temperature with ease. During summers, the door can be opened wide to allow in the cool breeze and during winters they can be kept tightly shut to keep the room warm.
Similarly, stacker doors also allow home owners to control the amount of natural light in the room much better than any other type of door. As compared to other types of doors, stacker doors have more glass panels. During the day, these doors eliminate the need to use artificial lighting in the room.
When it comes to maximizing space, the stacker door is better than any other type of doors. Even when left open, these doors do not take up much space. They make the room appear larger and offer home owners more space to work inside.
If fitted with fly screens, stacker doors allow for permeation of fresh air and fragrances of the seasons into your home.
Those who own pets can rest assured that the sheer width of the wide open stacker door allows for easy entry and exit for your dogs and cats.
There is no need for any compromise in terms of size of the door surface as stacker doors can be custom made. An exact fit can be obtained for your home based on the interior aesthetics and available space.
A distinct, appealing look can be infused into your home with stacker doors that are available in a range of materials. You can give that contemporary look to the living space by installing an aluminum stacker door or bring in warmth with timber doors.

Choosing between Stacker Doors and Slider Doors

Slider and stacker doors are two different varieties even though they are mostly used interchangeably. Each of them comes with their own pros and cons when it comes to residential and commercial architecture.
  • The standard slider door runs on a track. This type of door consists of two panels that slide on the track opening horizontally. This door is either in a suspended from or mounted on the track. One panel opens in front of the other panel that remains stationary.
  • Stacker doors come with more than a couple of panels that stack behind each other in the same direction. Those who want extremely wide openings, choose the stacker door that comes in various configurations.
  • While standard doors can open only to 50% of the width, stacker doors can open up to two-thirds of the overall width.
  • Both these types of doors offer a lot of benefits in commercial as well as residential buildings. They are ideal for areas that may otherwise seem cramped with standard doors.
  • Stacker doors allow for enhanced movement around and through the rooms providing more space and visibility.
  • In commercial spaces, slider and stacker doors lend a professional, streamlined and contemporary appearance.
  • Installation of the stacker door is extremely easy and this type of door is functional and practical.