The vintage style is perhaps one of the rare styles that did not just come and go, it stuck around for quite a while, and it is still featured in many fashion appearances. The main features of the vintage style are soft lines with soft and comfortable materials with the idea to create a romantic sense of nostalgia. Moreover, creating a type of seventh heaven feel is also a good idea on how to imagine vintage style; there are not aggressive or vicious designs in it, it is all about softness and relaxed and calm setting.

Achieving the Natural Finish

The backbone of any vintage look is the natural finishes it is going for. That is aiming for natural set of colors, without anything too aggressive or too out of the context designs. Natural wooden floor plans but painted in light colors will give you that sense of floating on a cloud and it will bring the whole room appeal together into a romantic fantasy.
The ceiling should also be considered to be done in either wood, or in finishes which breathe with natural light colors that will radiate a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Furniture in your bedroom

It is important that you either have wooden bed, but it would be better to go for that Victorian style gold or bronze wrought iron bed frame which will go explicitly great with the whole vintage style in the room. Your bed will be the focal point of the room, but after all, that is what you could wish for in a bedroom. Moreover, when making the bed, it is important that you keep the light colored theme in mind, and only use cream or creamy colors so that you do not break the overall feel of romantic warmth.
If you need any other furniture in your bedroom, it is important to keep the wooden theme going for them, as it will add charm and warmth as well. Wicker chairs and stools are an excellent choice as they will be oozing with a romantic atmosphere great for relaxing and having a goodnight sleep.

The Soft Edges

You should avoid forming and making any harsh and stark lines or edges in your bedroom. It is important to aim for rounded and soft edges that will encircle the whole room. It is after all a soft look that you are going for, so avoid any modern dressing tables or wardrobes; you should aim for ones with ornate carving details from the vintage period.

Carpeting Brings it Together

If you do not have the choice of custom painting your wooden floors, then perhaps adding a cream color based carpet or rug to your bedroom is the best solution. It will serve as the perfect base and it will radiate with warmth and with a welcoming atmosphere.
Furthermore, because you want a soft look, nice cozy rugs are a great solution; they are soft and feel very good under your feet. Moreover, it will bring the whole room together nicely and it will go nicely with the whole vintage-style bedroom look.

Go for Muted Colors

It is important that whatever décor piece you bring into your bedroom, that you keep them muted and toned down; similar to a bleached out color. It is important to respect this as it will also add up to the whole soft and rounded look of a vintage-style bedroom you are looking for. The patterns should not bold but rather subtle, think about floral patterns as they will go very nicely with the whole room appeal.

Detailing is Necessary

Adding the right details together with the setting of the vintage-style bedroom is vital as it can make it or break it. Making use of mirrors, jewelry boxes or even glass perfume bottles is essential. But you should not overdo it, and it should be done with taste.
It is important to keep the overall soft look going as you want your bedroom to feel as if you were lost in a romantic haze of a cloud. Remember that you will have to cut the extreme out in this style, you will have to tone down your creativity a bit.