We all know the merits of deciding neutral colors for the home furniture. But the common colors such as white, grey and black can be found everywhere. If you want your home to be different, obviously, these colors are not your cake any more. Then you need some advice to choose the bold color scheme and materials for your living room sets such as sofa and TV stands.

Here are the few tips:

1. Think about what colors can be matched mutually in advance

A different color sofa or armchair can actually present a different home environment for you, although some colors are difficult to work with other colors. Purple is a great starting color, as purple makes us thinking of lavender and romance. No matter for the young and old, this color always shows good things. Your purple sofa can work with fresh greens.

2. White is a universal color for any room 

Rainbow colors sometimes are too colorful. Therefore, you may get worries that the room is too shine or awkward.  In this case, the simplest solution way is to add some white in your space. For instance, you may paint your walls and ceiling in white. The home space will seem more relaxed.

3. Apply natural element can make the bold color space look natural

Another great way to make the colorful space cooperated is to use natural elements. The objects and materials from natural are capable of making the whole space looks natural. For instance, if you use orange sofa with cream wall, you may use a tree make coffee table for your living room. The stones, wood and bamboo are good materials to use.

4. Find the right color and material

A color with some brown in it may make the furniture looks sophisticated. Imagine, if a bright and clear red match the neutral space atmosphere, what kind of environment the space would provide to you? If you are not sure about what kind of color shade you should use, you may put fabric samples in the space and place in in a variety of lights, if not feeling good, and then you should change the color and try others.

5. Choose the main colors according to your feeling

When you want a bold color in your home, the only good reason for it is because you love it. If not, the neutral color still is your best choice. Do not worries about what will go with it, just do the style that you like, for it is your home, you have the finial say.
The bold colors can make your home different, but they are adventure colors for your home. For long run, the bold color furniture may make you feel sick. But if you love it, you will be satisfied with your choice.