Since the bathroom is most often used by many people, especially in families, it can get easily slip into a real mess. Families in which the mother is the only female member are extremely prone to becoming messy. The reason for that is quite simple – guys ignore the problem and mothers cannot manage to clean everything. Luckily, today many families try to reach an agreement when it comes to cleaning and they all know what their duty is. If your family is not among them, here are a couple of suggestions that might help you make your bathroom a place with dignity.

Out with Wet Towels

Depending on the climate you live in, it can be very tricky to dry your towels after having a shower. In the moderate climate, months like March and October are usually neither cold nor warm and most of people do not turn on the heating. However, if the climate itself is also a bit damp, you should never leave your towels hanging on the bathroom door or over a bathroom cabinet. Wet towels are a fruitful base for the development of bacteria and mold. That is why you should always take your towel out to the balcony and leave it there to dry. In case you do not have a balcony, you can get a smaller clothes drying rack that will not take too much space and leave your towels there to dry.

Replace the Old Mat and Use Slippers

The bathroom floor is one of the most infectious areas in a home. Even if you are among those families that manage to organize bathroom maintenance in a successful way, the floor is always tricky. That is why you should change the bathroom mat at least once every two months. Also, there should be an agreement that everybody ware house slippers in the bathroom, but only the slippers meant to be worn in the bathroom. Since it is hard to believe that there will be more than one person in the bathroom at a time, one pair will do. That way you protect your feet from microorganisms inhabiting the bathroom floor and you do not spread them all over the house.

In with More Cabinets

I have lived in different apartments and one thing is for sure – a bathroom must have a cabinet or even a couple of them. Bathrooms that have only shelves always look messy. These cabinets should be well-organized. You could even divide the cabinets to the parents’ and the children’s cabinet. As children grow up, their needs are becoming bigger and bigger, especially if they are not of the same sex. That will probably mean even more cabinets and then you bathroom will look like a kitchen.

Make a Clear Schedule

While it is really hard to make men clean the bathroom, in families like the ones from the beginning of this text, it must be done, because when a family consists of a wife, a husband and two sons, chaos is more than certain. Unless this mother teaches her sons (and their father even much earlier) how to contribute to the cleanness of their home, it will always be messy. Making a schedule with their listed duties on particular days might help keep not only the bathroom but the whole home in order.

Redesign the Space

If you are really fed up with your bathroom and everything about it, you should redesign it. People who have a talent for visual arts or are handy at making items out of wood can make a great story all by themselves. Other will have to ask for professional assistance. It is a good idea to change the redecorate the bathroom from time to time. Sometimes it includes only polishing and repainting some older parts, but sometimes it is inevitable to bite a larger chunk to make your bathroom hygienically clean and esthetically attractive, we learn from reputed Sydney-based bathroom renovation professionals.
Home repairs are a constant in life. Whenever your budget allows you, something should be changed. The same goes for the bathroom. Introducing novelties into the bathroom will make it more functional and you will enjoy spending time in it when it is renewed and kept in order.