December is here, the month that carries the jolly spirit of Christmas, the end of the year. It is that time of the year when everyone thinks of doing a lot of changes to their homes to welcome the New Year. A lot of people spend Christmas away from home and spend a fortune in renting a flat in new cities, leaving no room for celebration. One can easily find a broker-free flats on websites like and celebrate with the money saved on brokerage. To keep the spirit of Christmas alive for the whole month, one can make some simple changes in the furnishing and not worry about making hasty arrangements on the Christmas evening.

Here are some tips for people who want to decorate their rented flat this Christmas-

Decorate your flat with Red and White:

Red and white not only make a great combination, but they also represent the spirit of this festive season. You don’t need to paint your walls in order to give your home a Christmassy feel, you can make some other changes like changing the bed sheets and curtains to white, hanging red and white socks in the attic or displaying everything that is white and red.

Match the decoration with your furnishing:

Even if you are not willing to spend a lot of money in decorating your flat, you can still find decent decorate items that would go well with your furniture. Christmas tree is not mandatory. Just make sure the decorative items you pick, matches your furniture. You don’t want your flat to look like a rainbow house. The fewer colors you decorate your flat with, the classier it looks.

Make some room for the Santa:

This isn’t exactly a decorating tip, but if you clean your apartment and make some room, it would do wonders to the decorations. Making room is important as Christmas is a very welcoming festival and the more room you make in your apartment, the more welcoming it would look. Make sure you keep everything arranged, change the furniture setting if it makes your living room look more spacious.

Lighten up your apartment:

Good lighting can add a lot to your hard work. Make sure the lighting in your apartment highlights your decorations. If not, add lighting to the decorations and highlight the things that need attention. Use bright colors, bright colors give a very Christmassy feel to your apartment.

How to decorate the Christmas tree:

We said it earlier, it is not mandatory to buy a Christmas. But, if you end up buying one, make sure you decorate it perfectly. There are lots of Do it Yourself (DIY) tips available online to make sure that your Christmas decoration last at least till the new year’s eve.
Christmas is the best time to flaunt your creative ability to decorate your apartment. Make sure you check all the items in the list and give your apartment the best feel this winters.