Whenever you read articles about the hottest and the most elegant bachelor pads in the world, you read about insane sums that the people have spent on them. If you are a fresh bachelor who is just moving into a new apartment, it is important to know what to do in order to design the finest bachelor pad that will attract praise from the people and that you will love living in.

Go basic with the colors

They say that the paint is half the apartment and this is very true for bachelor apartments. There is no need to go crazy with colors in your new bachelor apartment and our advice would be to go very basic. This means that you should use black and white and the greys in between, perhaps a few basic colors. Also, you will achieve a very elegant look with darker colors, as opposed to particularly bright or light colors that you might have chosen. Certain bold color details will not hurt, either.

Keep your walls uncluttered

There is nothing that will ruin the impression of a bachelor pad as much as cluttered walls with all kinds of decoration that have no place in a bachelor pad. You might decorate your walls with a few paintings (they have to be modern and simple) or with some prints that will also be geometrical and very basic. If you’d like, you can even keep your walls bare, with a few shelves or such little details.

Go with a big bed

You might think that since you are a bachelor, you will not need a big bed. Well, this is a big mistake. When you decorate your bachelor pad, it is essential that you put in a bed as big as you can fit in and afford. The main reason for this is that a simple apartment with a bachelor vibe can easily start looking like a student apartment and a huge part of this is a small, single bed. A TV in the bedroom should also contribute to the feel of a bachelor pad. So, for the bedroom, go with a big bed and a TV. In addition, you should think about black or dark sheets, as this will make the bedroom even more elegant.

A small kitchen will do

No one expects a bachelor to spend half the time in the kitchen and the chances are that you will be using kitchen mostly for entertaining visitors. Still, this does not mean that you should do away with the kitchen altogether. A real bachelor will know how to cook up a meal. You can always go with a counter instead of a traditional dining table and you should get your hands on some quality designer appliances and kitchen gadgets.

The floors

The worst thing you can do in a bachelor pad is put in carpets from wall to wall. You can either keep the floors bare, preferable wooden or stone floors, or you can put in rugs in specific areas of the apartment, both to accentuate certain spaces and to bring in a bit of warmth into the apartment. A great idea are elegant eco rugs that are environment friendly and that will score you points with the green crowd.