When you are investing on something like installing unfinished hardwood or undertaking a hardwood floor underpayment or something similar, it involves major finances and so a careful consideration needs to be given. If you are planning to install timber flooring that is not expensive, like strand woven bamboo flooring or reclaimed wooden floor or recycled timber floors etc. then it will save your money. These also add on to the decor of your home and without having to undertake major task for its maintenance. If you have unfinished engineered flooring or wide plank maple flooring or carbonized bamboo flooring, then you need to follow the below mentioned steps for its cleaning procedure and also for protecting the flooring. 

Step 1: Steps cleaning and Protecting Timber Flooring

Floorings come along with warranties, whether it is carbonized bamboo woven flooring, horizontal bamboo flooring, chestnut wood flooring, wide plank cherry flooring or something similar. If there is a warranty, then the manufacturer will provide you with all the information and consultation. With their suggestion you can undertake the cleaning process. Professional help and suggestion, will bar you from following improper methods of cleaning your timber flooring.

Step 2: Sweeping and vacuuming

Vacuuming is the easiest and the best way in order to clean the flooring, be it antique wide plank flooring, wide plank maple flooring or simple hand scraped bamboo flooring. But using a spinner or a beater will only cause damage to your floor; therefore it is advisable to switch off the rota-tor present on the vacuum when doing the cleaning. If the cleaning procedure is for everyday, then you can make use of a large mop. Irrespective of the mop size or type, vacuuming makes your floor clean and dust free or else your timber flooring will get spoilt. 

Step 3: Pure cleaners

To clean urine stains on the hardwood floors, use a mixture with content of vinegar, and the urine stains will be removed in a jiffy. Otherwise, the spirits and mineral cleaners are great for the floors. To scrub off paste wax furniture, use a rag or mop with natural and soft bristles, even a cotton mop would do. First moisten the rag with the solution of TSP or Trisodium Phosphate and then rub the floor’s surface. Use linens if you want to scrub the floor in order to avoid staining the patina wood floors or sub floor hardwood floors etc. After you have completed the process of rubbing the timber flooring, you will witness a shinny and glowing flooring. How to make laminate floors less slippery? With this process you can make it less slippery too. 

Step 4: Sanding of the floor

In order to remove glued wood floor or stain from the timber flooring, first polish it and then sand it in an even motion, so as to maintain the finish and smoothness at the same time. 

Step 5: Sang examination

Examine and check on a regular basis for any kind of impediments or splinters accumulated on the floorings. If you find any kind of snag, instantly sand it. In this way you will be able to maintain the smooth floors. If this is done on a regular basis, you will save yourself from getting hurt when walking barefoot. And prevent any kind of floor damage. 


  • Maintain a cleaning routine and stick to it on a weekly basis or annually for timber flooring
  • Make use of easy and simple methods and in this way you will know how to dry wood without a kiln
  • To ensure the perfect luster and floor durability, maintain its protection 


If the process of protecting and cleaning is maintained on a regular basis, it will aid in the prevention of the accumulation of dirt and any kind of damage. Remember that timber flooring is very economical and with a bit of maintenance, you can ensure longevity of the same.