Stainless steel is used extensively throughout the world in every household be it for home decorations, kitchen appliances, utensils, or wall cabinets and is it also used in bathrooms. The appeal of the metal lies mainly in its sturdiness and endurance. Its non-corrosive nature ensures its longevity. The fittings made from this material have all the above-mentioned features and give relief from regular wear and tear.

Steel Fittings for Fashionable Bathrooms

Taps, shower heads, traps, drains, wastes, toilet roll holders and towel rails are all different types of stainless steel fittings found in a bathroom. Coordinated in patterns, they make it look very stylish and soothing to the eye. But choosing the perfect ones can be confusing because it has to look good and perform the function that it is being bought for effectively. Some things to be kept in mind while buying them:
  • Brand: Stainless steel is long lasting but if a branded product is bought it maintains a certain standard of quality. The designs are also better which is an added advantage. Any brand would give its best to maintain the goodwill.
  • Utility: The metal is very hard and cannot be easily damaged. Its corrosion resistance feature makes it the ideal thing to build taps, drains and other bathroom items that are constantly in touch with water. It is rust proof, so it can work well in areas of hard water.
  • Design: It is very important for the thing to be user-friendly. Taps, for instance, come in many styles like crosshead or lever taps which are the most common. But the one placed in a kitchen cannot be anything elaborate because some space is required so that the spout does not get in the way. Likewise, in smaller bathrooms, slim double lever taps would be ideal.
  • Reducing Plumbing Costs: Washer-less taps reduce the cost of plumbing. They are available in three types namely-ball, cartridge and ceramic disc taps that use a stainless steel ball, a plastic or brass cartridge and ceramic plates respectively to regulate temperature and flow of water.
  • Expense: Like all stainless steel fittings it can also come in cheaper varieties that may be enticing considering the price but would not be a good deal. Afford the best quality you can because the mechanisms of the cheaper ones may not work properly for long.
  • Temperature Resistance: Mixer taps work best with this metal because waters of different temperatures are mixed here. Since stainless steel is resistant to both high and low temperatures, it does not affect the product through long period of usage.
  • Mix and Match: Drains and wastes made of the same material can be matched with the other fittings, making the bathroom look great.
  • Everlasting Appeal: The metal and its appeal can survive renovations. The shine stands out against any background, and even when you renovate the rest of the bathroom, these fittings can be left out. Don’t forget to cover them, or else scratches are inevitable.
Though stainless steel fittings can be bought from any hardware store, they are readily available online. Browsing through the catalogues of different online stores, they can be purchased from the comfort of your home. The information available will help you buy the best items for your bathroom. They are often available on discounts during stock clearance. You can check the store and product review before purchasing it. Payment options are easy and the delivery is prompt.
These fittings are incredibly durable and can last for ages, therefore these fittings are most popular for the every house owner. Then, for what you are waiting, just grab stainless steel fittings from the hardware store and use it to give extra ordinary look to your bathroom.