Many people who think that installing a CCTV camera without any professional help can be a complicated and daunting task. Hence, to help you out here, we are going to share four interesting steps which will ensure that the entire process of CCTV camera installation becomes a cakewalk. The steps include: essential information, brief guide and important tips that will come in handy while installing the CCTV camera outside or inside your house or office.

Here are the three amazing steps that will help you while installing CCTV cameras.

Step 1: Appropriate Location:

The first and the most important step, is to decide where you are going to place the CCTV camera. While performing this step there are many aspects that you have to consider such as, the area that you want the security camera to cover, its angle and position. However, there are a few cameras that come up with site plans for their customer. These site plans are nothing but the 3D mockups of the security camera that allow you to plan out the area where you should place the camera. With the help of these 3D plans you can get the right angle view, focal length and the perfect coverage too.

Step 2: Cabling Your Camera:

After you have decided the right place for your camera, the next thing that you must do is fix it properly at that location and then start cabling the camera so that it can be activated. There are two types of camera available in the market; the Wireless security camera and Cabled security camera. Just as the name of these cameras suggests, the wireless camera can be connected to its compatible device without any sort of wiring or cable, whereas when you are dealing with a cabled camera then it is essential to connect the camera to the device with the help of cable.

Step 3:  Power to the Monitor:

Once you have connected the entire system then, you must power the DVR of the camera so that the security camera can start functioning. Again, there are two kinds of camera that you can explore here; some cameras use batteries to work while some use AC electricity. Therefore, understand what your camera needs and connect to its power unit so that it can start functioning.

Tips for CCTV Camera Installation:

CCTV cameras are definitely an integral tool of our house or office, and they ensure optimal safety and security. Hence, to get the best from these cameras there are a few tips that you can follow during its installation. The common ones amongst them are

  • Always be clear about the location of your CCTV camera installation. If you are unhappy with the location then it is best advised that you relocate the camera, so that you can make perfect adjustments for proper view and coverage.
  • Take care of the position and angle of the camera. Use fixed angles which will help you in getting a better coverage.
  • Connect each and every system of the camera properly and recheck the connections twice to ensure that you have done it in an efficient manner.
  • If you are fixing your camera outdoors then you should always go with those which are weather resistant and can sustain the harsh environmental conditions present outside.

Now you have it, installing CCTV cameras is extremely easy and this can be done in a hassle free manner. Just a case of right planning and the above mentioned three steps are all that you need to carry out CCTV camera installation at your house.