Moderate to Luxurious

Nothing captures the warmth and comfort of a home quite like a touch of decor in the bathroom. Your bathroom is the one room that most family, friends and guests will use to freshen up, so it’s important to make it an inviting place for them and for yourself as well.

Here are 5 theme and upgrade ideas to help you start decorating your bathrooms:

1. Incorporate Light

New lighting will really bring your bathroom to life, especially if your space is on the smaller side. It’s easiest if you start by picking a light fixture first. For less than $100, changing out the lighting fixture makes a huge impact on the room. Then, you can add in new matching faucets, frame the bathroom mirror, throw in some light colored items such as a white shower curtain and matching plush towels and rugs – and voila, a light, airy retreat!

2. Tropical Paradise

Want to make your bathroom feel like an exotic giveaway? We suggest switching up the scent – add in a hint of citrus for a fresh clean scent or lavender also works really well. Then, use warm tones in the décor. Sand is a popular color of rugs and towels, and it pairs well with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. A plant on a shelf or on the bathroom counter helps finish off this exotic retreat!

3. Romance in the Air

If you’re more into the warm look, go for rounded mirrors and a pedestal sink, with colored candles (stick with a muted color for a more romantic vibe, any sort of pastel would work). Pay special attention to your shower curtain, a simple French script or damask can pattern would be a great fit for this theme. Artwork on the walls would definitely be a nice finishing touch.

4. Dark and Exclusive

A lot of people are afraid of dark paint, especially in a small windowless bathroom. However, studies have shown that with the proper lighting, dark paint can actually enhance a room and make it appear bigger. Try it – paint your ceiling a darker color than the walls, and bring the paint line down a foot from the actual edge. This creates an optical illusion. Most people’s eyes won’t immediately find the corners of the room, making the ceiling look higher! Add in grey walls and silver décor and hardware for a pop of contrast, and don’t forget the lighting – you don’t want it to feel like a cave.

5. Clean and Organized

Want to make your bathroom look like it came straight out of a magazine? Buy a few apothecary jars for your bathroom counter, and stock them with your everyday items such as cotton balls and Q-Tips. Instead of the plastic bottle it came in, put your mouthwash in a fancy glass jar with a stopper. For other items that aren’t as visually appealing, buy bins that you can label and store hidden away in bathroom cabinets.

John Wildes is the owner of and has a passion for home improvement, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.