Granite has always been there since hundreds of years, and this speaks of its permanence. It is beautiful to look at and is preferred by landscaping contractors, stone mansions and property owners. We can say that granite is a royal choice because it was used by the royals for their courtyards in estates and castles.  This has been used since ancient architecture and has managed to retain its place over the years in modern architecture as well. It is one of the few choices that you can lookout for your residence as this is durable and strong in nature.


Using granite for your flooring can transform the whole look of the house, and turn it into classy and elegant. Even an ordinary house will look grand if you choose best granite for the flooring, or even for the exteriors such as the sidewalks and the pavements. Having the capability to transform the look to a great extent this can also increases the market value of your property.

Different Granite

There are various colors available in granite, and so you have a wide range of choice according to your preference. Granite pavers come in grey, white, pink and yellow, crimson black and others, so making a choice according to your taste becomes easy.  It is not only the colors but the granite offers different finishes to suit your taste.  The different finishes include honed, thermal, polished, and diamond 10 and 8. To add to the colors and finish, you can get granite of different shapes and sizes. Cobble-lock, basket-weave, fan, concourse, herringbone, running bond and half course square are to name a few shapes.  You are given the freedom of creating your own patterns with the different shapes, like, diamond, circle, geometric, marquise and others. In other words, you can customize the flooring according to your taste.

Benefits of using granite

  • Durable – With a surface which is strong, granite does not chip or scratch easily. This makes it perfect for areas with high traffic. Being stain resistant and color fast, granite works out as a perfect investment.
  • Natural beauty – Being cut of natural stones, granite carries a natural look, and can fit anywhere, be it the garden, or indoors.  Increasing the elegance of the place, it blends well with almost all surroundings.
  • Safe – Looking for a paving around the pool area, granite is a safe option. With all the water being splashed around, this prevents slipping and any other untoward mishaps that are connected to it.
  • Maintenance being low – There is hardly any maintenance connected to granite. All that you need to do is to seal the pavers on a regular basis and that’s it.
  • Non-combustible – Granite is a material which is hundred percent non-combustible and it is also heat resistant at the same time.  Using these pavers near the fire place is also a safe option, as they will not get hot and you can comfortably walk on them.


You need to find a company which can assure you quality and standards when granite is concerned. There is no way in which you can compromise on the quality, since you will be putting in a lot of hard earned money into this. Initially a little effort goes a long way in keeping you away from tension. Making sure where you need this granite paving, you can get the different quotes and choose accordingly. Look out for experience ad class before you make your choice. A good company will be able to give you different choices and options to choose from.