Bedroom is the place where you are all by yourself and of course you spouse where you relax after a hectic day at the work place. Bedroom is a cozy little place that needs to help you get a good night’s sleep and also help you get ready for the next day for work. So it naturally becomes a very important room that needs meticulous planning and organized furniture. It’s not the bed we will be talking here, but the whole room and what it needs and how you will be creating it so that it becomes the most favorite place to live in.

Themes for the Bedroom

Plenty of interior designers and architects work to provide themes that go with the personality of the owner of the house and also according to the budget. Bedrooms can also be a guest bedroom, master bedroom, teenage bedroom or kid’s bedroom. Apart from this, the bedroom may be created for a girl or a boy or for two children or a single one. Every bedroom has different needs and requirements, which are why while purchasing one has to be very careful about the themes or simply choose custom made bedrooms and furniture that are within your budget.

Catch a theme like the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, oriental or even a modern them. For the Egyptian theme you can use lots of gold color in the bedroom and create interiors that look like pyramids or royalty of ancient period. One can also incorporate their way of writing on the walls and create furniture that was found in those times. Use colors that are contrasting and give dept to the room.

Oriental theme is also great and one can get ideas from many Asian countries and use the concepts in the bedroom. The themes depict nature on a large scale and also comprise of scenic landscapes with low beds, cane mats, cane curtains etc. Use colors that are pastel and lamps that are tall with pictures on them.

Modern themes can be anything that look funky and are cool. A modern theme means minimal use of materials to give scope to store more and yet, provide space. Modern theme is also related to environment friendly materials that can also be recycled as well. The chairs in the bedroom are simply made creatively and you see innovative designs on the bed, dressing table and the table.

Planning and Layout Ideas

Planning should be done based on what you will need in the bedroom and is also recommended by Sandbone. Many like to work in the bedroom, some love to watch TV or even the music and that is why space should be created in the furniture so that one can add these things as well. The dressing table is important and can be a separate one or if there is constraint on space, then it can be adjusted in the bedroom itself. Apart from this, paintings, artifacts, lamps shade, mirrors, etc.