Aluminium bifold doors are very strong and that is why it is a popular choice among most of the people. This type of door is not only strong enough but also is the space saver which doesn’t utilize the floor space and can fold back on them. These doors give an elegant look to the home and also cannot be corroded easily. The right way of cleaning and maintaining this door is very much essential to increase the longevity of the door.

How to clean?

You must clean the whole of aluminium bifold doors properly once every two weeks to ensure the durability of the doors. Many people tend to clean the screen only but the cleaning the framework on a regular basis is just as important.

Steps for cleaning the bifold door:

To clean the door properly the following steps should be taken-

  1. First use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the accumulated dust. If you don’t have vacuum cleaner, then dry cloth can also work out.
  2. Then make a mixer of water and white vinegar and it will be some amount of vinegar into one medium bucket of water. After preparing the mixture, use it to wipe the whole framework. You can use this mixture also to clean the edges and also the hinges.
  3. Once this step is completed, you then have to use a dry cloth to wipe down the whole door.


It also serves the security purpose. Only an able door can protect us from outside conditions and intruders and that is why you must make sure that all the hinges and other hardware are in perfect conditions. Regular check of these things is a must and if you find any nuts and bolts to be loose or missing then you should immediately call a professional to fix the problem.

Door tracks and Rollers

If you find that the door is not opening or closing properly then you should check the door track present on the top and on the bottom of the door and you should also check the rollers at the bottom too. Sometimes because of dents on the track and on the rollers the door does not perform its task smoothly. You can even use a hammer with a lightly beat on the track to smooth it out and for the rollers you can use wax or lubricant on the it, this will help in its movement. These two items are available in every hardware store at a reasonable price and the installation process is also very easy. So, you also have the option to replace it yourself.

A rust-free door

Aluminium bifold doors do not rust easily but they are not completely rust-free. The door can easily show the signs of rust if the proper care is not taken. If you want the durability of your door make sure that rust is not formed on it.

How to get rid of rust?

To get rid of the rust the following three steps should be taken-

  • Use a sandpaper to clean the rust.
  • Then apply a rust inhibitor coating.
  • Re-paint the door with a colour of your choice.

So, now you can see that maintaining aluminium bifold doors are very easy. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will have a bifold door which is clean, strong and any problem-free.
If you want you can do this yourself but if you do not have the time for it then you can always hire a professional to do this for you. And if you want to know more than Visit here you will definitely get all information.