Keeping your bathroom clean and stylish is a requirement in our times. Bathroom renovations are a promising and hard task, which requires a pre-planned budget and design. Decorating the bathroom in an attractive and unique way will surely amaze your guests whenever they visit your bathroom. Keeping a bathroom tidy and stylish is also vital for good hygiene. Your bathroom renovations depend on your aesthetic sense and how beautifully and creatively you want to rebuild your bathroom. No matter whether you have a small or large area for your bathroom, you can still decorate it in an elegant and classy way.

How to plan bathroom renovations

  • Calculating the space and measurements: The first and foremost job is to calculate the actual area of the bathroom that needs to be renovated. Accurate measurements help in easily buying materials and the decoration will be accurate according to calculations. This will make the renovation process fast and easy.
  • Preparing a budget: Every person has his or her budget according to their bathroom space and decoration style. Once you have prepared a budget then you can easily allocate your money for labor, tiles, mirror and extra items as required. Budget helps you chalk out your renovation style.
  • Calculating the time: Once you have started your bathroom renovations, you can’t keep the work going on for unending days. This is the reason why you need a preplanned stretch of days in which you can instruct your contractor to complete your bathroom renovation. Planning for the required time is also important to buy tiles, fixtures, custom made cabinets, mirrors and other essentials. Estimating the time is also important for the contractor as he has to make arrangements for secondary toilet and shower for the days when the bathroom is taken apart.
  • Work sequence: The sequence of renovation should be finalized before the procedure starts. A bathroom requires step by step renovation, starting from plumbing solutions, bathtub, flooring to cabinets. Creating the ceiling first, then the wall and lastly renovating the floor should be the sequence in order to cause no harm to the newly installed components.

Tips on how to decorate your bathroom

  • Plumbing fixtures: No bathroom renovations could be complete without proper plumbing solutions which include updating or repairing the toilet, bidet, sink, faucet, shower head and even the bathtub. If the budget permits, you can also decide on changing the shower door, door handles, drawer pull which can completely change the look of your bathroom.
  • Creating the walls and floors: Any material can be used for surface walls and floors as long it is waterproof. Usually, the ceramic, marble or tile is used but it all depends upon your sense of style. Painted or stained cement and vinyl tiles can also be used and these easily fit in the budget. However, it should always be kept in mind that floors and walls of bathroom should pass the durability test and should be slip-resistant. 
  • Lighting: Bathroom lighting should always be simple yet beautiful. Plan for natural light and install artificial light where required which should be at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot.
  • Cabinets and shelving: in order to avoid storage problems and ensure complete storing facilities, the custom made cabinets and shelves should be installed according to your storage needs. They should accommodate all the stuff and should also look stylish at the same time.
  • Ventilation and bio-toilets: Ventilation is important not just to keep your bathroom free from odor but also to keep you healthy. Unplanned and wrong ventilation can leave the bathroom damp and moist. Even if you are not a ‘go-green’ person, you can still consider using low flow toilet (which uses less water), no VOC paint because the market is nowadays inclined towards environment friendly products.