Have you always imagined having an oasis of peace in your garden? And what is better than a combination of nature and a living space? The first step is to roll up your sleeves and reorganise your garden by making space for a living room in one of its corners, or by building a patio, for example. Having this done, all conditions are met for making a gorgeous outdoor living room for yourself, so here are some hints on achieving it.


The basic things you will need in your outdoor garden is the furniture. On the one hand, you can find an excellent choice of garden furniture sets in your closest department store or on the web, ranging from garden chairs, sofas, and even TV sets. And on the other, you can be Earth-friendly and recycle your old living room furniture, or purchase used sets which you can upholster and voila! – you have new furniture. However, you have to think of bad weather, so it would be best to use nylon overlays for protection from the elements. And besides, if you decide on recycling, if the furniture gets a bit damaged you will not be so sorry for spending money on it.

Outdoor Food Preparation

An outdoor living room need not have only one purpose. If you plan spending a lot of your free time outside, why not consider installing some kitchen elements in the corner of the patio? This way, if you decide on inviting your friends over, you can organise dinner parties and include your guests in the preparation. This way, not only will you have assistants, but you will make the event fun and memorable.


Spending time outside will be more pleasant if you installed some kind of a shade above your outdoor living room. Not only will it protect you from the sun, but from sudden rain as well. You’d be more than pleasantly surprised at the selection of marquees for sale you can find today, and one of these structures will even protect you from hail and strong wind, since their construction is very strong and of top quality.


A stylish garden living room can look much more sophisticated if you personalise it with a couple of paravans. Even though numerous colours of paravans are offered on the market, maybe the best choice would be white, since it fits almost any type of furniture style. Another great idea is growing plants around frames and having a green paravan instead. This will make you will feel like you are living in a garden of Eden.


The last thing on our list is the lighting. Good lighting is essential when the night comes, especially if you plan throwing parties in your outdoor living room. A good-insulated dimmer would be an excellent choice, especially if a regular day turns into a romantic evening with your significant other. Another thing you should keep in mind is the environment. You can install a garden solar panel or a small wind farm, and produce a sufficient amount of energy for your new favourite place at home.