Window shutters offer enhanced security to the home owners and are used in almost all homes. These shutters are made of a variety of different materials, the most popular among which is aluminum. What is so special about aluminum roller shutters and what are the advantages of choosing this shutter?

  • Aluminum roller shutters are constructed with high quality material that lasts for a long time. This durable shutter offers maximum protection for homes. If you browse around, you will find hundreds of suppliers of aluminum shutters to keep up with the demand. These shutters are used in industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Aluminum roller shutters are breakage and damage resistant and this means that they are extremely durable. Exterior aluminum roller shutters are tamper proof and are not easy to break into. They act as an excellent deterrent to trespassing and theft. They offer residents enhanced privacy as aluminum is an opaque material.
  • In a residential setting, highly opaque aluminum shutters are preferred over other types of shutters as they keep out light and noise giving residents privacy and peace. Aluminum roller shutters are strongly fixed to the window or door and are not easy to pull away. They are both visual and physical deterrents which mean the moment intruders see that your home is protected by aluminum shutters; they will not even venture trying to gain entry. 
  • The best manufacturers of aluminum roller shutter offer high quality hardware. Once the shutter is in the closed position, it is not possible to see any hardware such as screws or bolts from the outside making it practically impossible to open or break into.
  • Some people use curtains or blinds to protect the heat from outside to enter their homes. While this may provide temporary results, eventually the curtains get heated up and pass on the heat to the interior of the room. Aluminum shutters naturally stop at least 70% of the outside heat from entering your home and also stops heat from escaping the interior during winters.
  • As there is a significant gap between the roller shutter and the window, the air circulation in that area ensures that the heat absorbed by the shutters are not passed on to the interior. Using aluminum roller shutters is therefore an excellent way of saving on energy bills.
  • Another advantage of choosing high quality aluminum roller shutters for your home is that these shutters will protect your windows and doors from bad weather like rain, sun and hail and so on. These shutters also deflect damage causing debris and branches during hurricanes.
  • Aluminum roller shutters are very strong and this means that they do not rattle in high winds and offer insulation. Installed to highest quality standards, these shutters can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km per hour or more.

These are a few of the powerful reasons why you should choose aluminum shutters over any other type of shutter that are available in the market. However, it is imperative to choose a reputed and reliable supplier of roller shutters as this is a major investment for your home. Take time to research all the available aluminum roller shutter suppliers in your area.

Ask for references and reviews from family members and friends and shortlist a few of them. Visit each showroom in person and see which of the suppliers seem trusted and adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Cost is another aspect you must consider. Not all high priced shutters are of best quality and vice versa. Look for an experienced supplier with good customer reviews. With little bit of time and effort it is not difficult to find aluminum roller shutters at affordable prices.