ASKO has been operating in Australia since 1972 and has carved a niche for itself in household goods market. ASKO is known to produce goods that spell durability, quality and design. With their latest range of kitchen appliances that can add a touch of elegance and modernity to any kitchen, ASKO has extended its operations to over 20 countries across the world.

ASKO kitchen appliances promise to the Scandinavian principle of “less is more”. A close scrutiny of the individual parts of their kitchen appliances reveals their dedication and commitment to quality. The cutting edge technology and timeless design of ASKO appliances have given it a good standing among other home appliances companies in Australia.

Environmental Responsibility:

ASKO aims at manufacturing appliances that have usable features. By eliminating unnecessary features of appliances, ASKO has been able to reduce the materials needed for manufacturing thereby reducing their impact on nature.

ASKO appliances use minimum water, electricity and detergent to perform their job. Water conservation is particularly important for Australia which makes ASKO more popular among Australian users. The positive environmental impact begins right from the production stage till the time the appliances are disposed off after they complete their life. All ASKO components that weigh in excess of 50 g are recyclable. ASKO is a proud supporter and co-sponsor of Save Water Foundation of Victoria which bears ample testimony to their commitment to save the environment.

ASKO Kitchen Appliances:

ASKO kitchen appliances are durable and provide the highest standards of after sale service. They have raised their standard to become one of the most trusted kitchen appliances in Australia. Their commitment to improve the design of their appliances to suit modern kitchens and subscribe to high ergonomic standards has paid off in the form of “Red Dot” design awards seven times in 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. On several of these occasions, ASKO has been the recipient of multiple Red Dot awards in one year

ASKO dishwashers have received positive reviews from their users. They are an ideal buy for families that have large dishwashing requirements on daily basis. ASKO dishwashers have performed high on quality assurance tests including criterion like water and energy efficiency. ASKO dishwashers are user friendly and have baskets on stainless steel bearings which results in smooth operation throughout. Their exteriors are made of stainless steel which resists fingerprints giving an elegant appearance to the appliance as well as the entire kitchen.

ASKO dishwashers have been known for their quiet operation and user friendly control panel. With stainless wash arms and virtually indestructible graphite and steel racks, ASKO dishwashers beat their competitors hands down from structural standpoint. ASKO dishwashers come with a lifetime warranty on the tub and three years warranty on parts and labor.

ASKO has showrooms, warehouses and offices across Australia at Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Their work ethics are characterized by competence, training, responsibility and goal orientation. ASKO kitchen appliances come with the backing of superior after sales service. ASKO’s vision is to create a network of outlets that provide its customers with reliable and world class services.