The purpose of a bedroom is to be the unique place in a home where two people can be as close as they can be, and absolutely opened to each other. This room should be synonymous with comfort and relaxation. Moreover, the bedroom should be a sanctuary and a refuge for partners in which they can feel completely free and yet totally dependent on each other. In the same way, designing and furnishing a bedroom should be fun and shared among the partners. Let’s look into what are the essences of a perfect bedroom and what inspiration can we draw from the notion of togetherness.

They Don’t Call It Bedroom for Nothing

The basis for any well-designed bedroom is the bed. It should be the centerpiece of a relationship and place of rest and new ideas. The need to sleep and to connect on higher levels is essential for couples and single people alike. If you are not into regular relationships, a single bed may be the good choice. However, it is more rewarding and creative when two sides are choosing a bed. On the other hand, besides what meets the eye, there are some requirements that a bed must meet. It goes without mentioning that the frame should be durable and long-lasting, but the mattress is more important here. There is a number of different options to choose today, ranging from polyurethane to memory foam mattresses, but the universal truth is that you should definitely try the mattress that you are likely to buy. What is comfortable for one person, may be too soft or too hard for the other. And of course, it’s important that the mattress suits your partner too.

Details that Bring the Change

Another detail that can make a difference is the mirror. Now, if you are an avid feng shui practitioner, you may skip this part, but let me tell you, multiple mirrors in a bedroom are just awesome. In addition to practical use, mirrors enhance the self-consciousness and can facilitate closer bonding among the partners. Virtually, you are able to observe your relationship from other perspectives and be more aware of your actions and the partner’s. Still, bedroom mirrors can reveal more than that in the bathroom.

Softness and Warmth is What You Need

Complementing the mirror play, a nice area rug can be another point of interest in your bedroom. In addition to providing soft landing to your bare feet in the cold evenings, bedroom rugs are perfect for structuring the room and breaking the geometry. In a recent chat with reputed Sydney-based suppliers of floor rugs, it was brought to my attention that although many people ask for a high-pile or shag area rug for their bedroom, sisal and other natural-fiber rugs give rooms more organic and relaxed feel, making the space more approachable.

Tranquility Takes Precedence

Finally, your bedroom should be free of electronic devices, including television and computers. Many people make the mistake and install a wide screen TV on a pretext of watching DVDs. While this can be convenient up to some point, the only furnishings in a bedroom should be ones that bring two people together and not draw their attention elsewhere. Your prefect bedroom should be minimalistic but cozy and comfortable.