The attractiveness of any garden or lawn depends a lot on the efficient garden maintenance. Regular grass cutting and trimming needs to be performed in the appropriate manner to ensure the best results.

Cutting the Grass Appropriately

Lawn mowing and the cutting of grass are activities which need to be performed with precision. Sufficient knowledge on the matter ensures that the lawn care is done in the proper manner. Each variety of grass has a specific growth rate, like the Kentucky grass, the rye, the Bent, the Buffalo and the Fescue. They are also to be pruned in the most proper way.  It ensures that the turf is uniform in height and is dense enough to discourage the growth of weeds. Improper cutting can lead to a number of problems such as the ones listed below.

  • The grass becomes weak and they can be pulled out easily.
  • The sod can turn thinner because of the weakness of the grass.
  • The growth of weeds can increase.
  • Pests proliferate in these conditions.

Ultimately, the lawn is harmed extensively and it will have to be re-laid.

What are the factors that should be kept in mind before cutting grass?

  • Grass cutting tools and equipments must not be laden with rust
  • Head and face coverings should be worn before cutting grass
  • If any chemical is prayed, pets and children must be kept at bay

Making Compost from Cuttings of Grass

  • First of all, the grass cutting has to be accumulated into a heap. After this, it will be possible to implement the steps necessary for composting.
  • Moisture is important for the creation of the compost. However, the moisture level should be optimum. It should not be too wet or too dry. If is too wet, more cuttings and dried leaves can be added. On the other hand, a dried compost heap needs a bit of water to get the moisture level right.
  • The heap should be stirred once in a while to ensure that the moisture is evenly spread out through the compost. Stirring also helps to add air into the mix.
  • The presence of ants will indicate that the compost has become too dry and it requires additional water.
  • A compost heap usually benefits from the addition of tougher materials. This can include shreds of paper and cardboard. Doing so will increase the pockets where air can accumulate.
  • Air is just as essential to the compost heap as water. A garden fork can help in stirring and mixing the contents of the heap. Air and water can be mixed thoroughly this way.

Grass cutting can be put to various uses around the garden apart from composting.

  • The cuttings of grasses can be used for mulching purposes.
  • If the sizes of the cuttings are small, they can simply be left in the lawn instead of being collected. These cuttings can decompose quite quickly through natural means and add a layer of nutrients to the soil. This reduces a lot of effort and the cost of fertilizers is eliminated. However, there should not be any clumps in the cuttings.
  • Leaving out the cuttings on the lawn can serve another purpose. They can be effective at preventing the growth of weeds. This can be easily done once in a few months to get the best results.

Cuttings can be a nuisance to many as it entails additional work after mowing the lawn. However, they can be extremely useful in maintaining the health of the garden in different ways. It is of course possible to hire an agency for grass cutting to take care of your lovely garden.