As far as sustainability, building plans and protecting the internal residential environment are concerned, researchers have found out that acoustic louvers are used as part of the intake/exhaust air system of buildings or equipment to reduce the noise produced by the system equipment. Their large surface area compensates for their lack of depth. Various models are available in varying depths, blade configurations resulting in pressure loss, percentage of open area and noise reduction performance. Louvres are manufactured from pre galvanized stainless steel and aluminium alloy with decorative finish of polyester powder coating. The standard wall mounted louvres can be built into doors, enclosures and screens. They are mostly circular, arched or triangular in shape.

Ventilation and noise reduction level in the urban landscape:

Acoustic louvers reduce noise pollution from cooling towers, air handling systems installed in the buildings, boiler rooms, power stations, chemical treatment plants and other offshore applications. They are helpful in fighting the environmental noise problems affecting commercial and residential areas. The acoustic louver panels and grills help in reducing noise from a wide variety of applications including:

  • Fresh air intake for ventilation systems
  • Acoustic barriers and screens
  • Noise reduction solutions for roof top plant rooms
  • Mechanical equipment screens
  • Cooling tower inlet screens and attenuators
  • Power generation equipment
  • Outdoor air ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Air conditioning installations

Benefits of Acoustic Louvers:

Acoustic louvers give an assured performance, where you can select from a wide range of applications, which are Built to suit all opening sizes, have great finishes, and stiff construction, apart from the fact that they ensure reliability and consistently performance.

Choice of finishes available

Acoustic louvers are available as freestanding barriers and enclosures, louvred screens. They are available in variety of colors and finishes including Stainless steel, Aluminium, PPC (Polyester powder coated), SynthaPulvin, Vinyl coated steel, Galvanized mild steel

Acoustic louvre panes and panels

Acoustic louver panes and panels have an aerodynamic design oriented for energy saving and possess limited pressure fall features. The strong metallic construction gives value to the lifelong expectation that these acoustic louvers are essentially unproblematic.

  • The acoustic louvers are manufactured to meet the requirements of the harsh industrial applications.
  • They can be tailored to suit the surrounding architecture in case of residential or commercial installations. The choice of finishes helps the louvers to be blended into building’s front elevation without decreasing the overall appearance.
  • The acoustic louvres offer minimum constraint to air flow while providing brilliant noise reduction. Variety of models is available to assure conflicting noise, space requirements and airflow.

Main features and benefits of acoustic louvres

Acoustic louvers are made of perforated splitter underneath for maximum sound absorption. They are resistant to water and snow entry, and the aerofoil shaped splitter blade helps in maximum noise reduction with minimum pressure drop. Moreover, modular and cohesive sizes permit assemblage of straight-lined louver panels of any size. Detachable galvanized bird screen, insect screen fitted on the back of louver protect your home environment. The horizontal orientation of Louvre blades obstructs eye level line of sight thus improving acoustic performance and visual appeal. Variety of depths is available in both single and double banked versions. If a single bank of elements does not provide the apt noise control, a double bank may be used. Duct silencers may be selected to give the desired noise reduction.

Standard Build and Finish

The standard louver is manufactured with galvabond case and blades. It is fitted with inactive, non-combustible acoustic absorbers that are impervious to vermin. The absorber blade in each pane is bounded by holed Galva bond for adequate protection from damage. Better performance of the louvers is decided by all these above factors, and you can get a wide range of louvers from different online stores. Before that, you must know how to maintain them, so that they can resist wear and tear all throughout the year. So create your place’s ventilation unwanted fumes with the flawless acoustic louvres, which helps the ventilation systems that contain noise free sound while providing ample airflow for breathable air.