Double hung windows as the name suggests, comprises two movable sashes that are generally mounted vertically one on top of the other. Both of these can be moved and opened up and down vertically. There is wide range of styles and designs that would look great in homes.

These kinds of windows offer charming and modern look for the homes. It offers great versatility and so they are also installed as replacement windows. Customization of these windows is possible as far as shape and size is concerned.

Here are some of the advantages of double hung windows:

  1. Ventilation: Double hung windows are able to offer best room ventilation and usually used on rooms that are located on higher floors. It develops a ventilation system that is natural through opening the top and bottom which allows cooler from the bottom part and pushes out the warmer air on the top part of the window. Through just leaving one window open you can get fresh air. It is also able to bring lot of light through the glass panes.
  2. Safety: One of the benefits that you can get from double hung windows is that it offers safety to kids. In case you would like to protect your kids from accident however want to keep the air flowing and light entering then you can keep the top window open. It is also tough to open window from outside which offers best protection against intruders.
  3. Easy to clean: It is usually very difficult to clean the windows thoroughly especially the ones that are on the higher floor some of the designs allow you to rotate the window which makes it simple to clean and maintain.
  4. Energy efficient: A benefit of using double hung windows is cost and energy efficiency. It is extremely energy efficient and also helps in reducing the outside noise.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Windows needs to always be sparkling clean as it is the direct source of light and dirt deposits can easily be seen against the light. Hence it is advisable to select double hung windows design.  Searching for local window installation services for these windows is not difficult once you have decided on the design that you want.

There are some of the things that you need to consider at the time you are looking forward to have these kinds of windows installed. Here are some of the things you need to consider for double hung windows:


Maintaining windows is significant to guard them from the wear and tear of climate conditions and cleaning agent. Hence prior to selecting this kind of window it is essential for you to consider the material that will be required for maintaining and cleaning.


This is one of the prime concerns that you need to consider. You also need to check out for the regular and free servicing packages after window installation.
Window style

There are various kinds of styles available which can be used for different rooms of your home. You can consider bay window for kid’s room that will overlook the backyard while on the other hand in kitchen you can consider sliders.

Quality of the glass:

On the basis of your budget you need to select the quality of glass. The choices will largely depend on the quality of frame.

For choosing the design that is suitable for your home you need to consider the size of the room, number of windows, cleaning alternatives, window materi8als, installation charges and overall budget.

As far as cleaning is the main concern double hung windows can be the easiest choice. The windows are ones where both the parts of the window open, slide or tilt making it simple for cleaning. This can help in home renovation and window selection.