The seasonal house renovation of your house may last for quite some days, but the effect will always be incomplete if you don`t change the floor coverings. Deep cleaning of the rugs and the carpets in most cases is enough to make them looking like new, but imagine the effect after placing an entire new rug in the living room or in the dining room. The textile floor coverings are always some of the most preferred types of floor coverings and there are plenty of reasons for that. First, they complete the final look of the room and they create a unique sense of coziness that one gets from just walking through the room. According to the season, you can take a pick of the perfect sizes of textile floor coverings for your home so to keep the coziness and comfort always at its maximum. it`s that comfort and coziness, which deliver the greatest final touches to every house improvement and that`s why the carpets are very important.

The factors to consider when buying a new carpet or rug are very important too. For instance, look for the perfect dimensions of the new carpet. It should match flawlessly the specific area of the room, like the area where it belongs. Keep into account the type and size of the furnishings in a close proximity to that area, as well as free distance from the other big furniture. One it should be easier for domestic cleaning and maintenance if you place carpets onto open floor areas and two – there is no risk for damaging the new carpet due to the heavy weight of a wooden cabinet, for example. Then, consider the length and type of the fibers of the carpet or of the rug. If they are made from natural materials or are hand-knotted – you definitely have to pay more attention when reading the label on the backing of the carpet. It says the exact methods for domestic and professional cleaning, which are very important for natural, Oriental or vintage rugs.

The decorative elements of the textile floor coverings are no exceptions from this list. Indeed, the first thing that you will notice in the store is the design of your favorite carpet. The design often depends on the size of the carpet and so it might be quite difficult to determine how large exactly are the colored patterns, how they will look on the floorings in your house, etc. That`s why another great tip is to make yourself a small sketching or a drawing of the entire floor of the room. Highlight the exact dimensions and all the objects that should be placed onto or near the new carpet. Try to sketch them in the right scale according to all other sizes and objects in the drawing. All these loopholes will help determine how a red-brown patchwork carpet should look like in your home, for example.

Finally, when deciding which is the new carpet for your home make sure to know everything about how to care about the carpet. The carpets and the rugs with longer natural fibers require a professional cleaning at least once a year, while the carpets with natural fibers are usually recommended only for a treatment with a vacuuming or with a hot-water cleaning machine. The carpets with shorter fibers are good for cleaning with a machine that uses dry foams. Check out the tips for making your carpets longer lasting and thus you will definitely create a more comfortable and visually pleasing atmosphere after the renovation of your house.