Most concrete contractors can do a wide array of jobs.  These jobs can vary from getting a driveway fixed to redo your entire home’s concrete.  When you are hiring a contractor, you want to let them know what you are looking for, and they can help you pick which concrete service is right for you. Here are some of the services that most contractors offer their customers.

Residential Concrete

Water damage and other environmental damage can wreck your driveway, but you can fix it or replace with these kinds of contractors.  Another service that most concrete companies offer is curbs.  This can make your home look better and the concrete on your sidewalk cleaner.  Pavers are also another option that you can use to create your driveway or sidewalk and even looks great on a patio.  Patios can also be done with concrete slabs, which can also be used in sidewalks and driveways.
Steps are another things that can be done by a concrete professional.  These kinds of steps last longer than wooden ones and look great.  And they are also great to hire when you are starting to build you home, they can install flumes that will keep the water away from your home, they can demo any concrete that might be in your way and uses footing to make sure that you home is on a solid foundation.

Commercial Concrete

Business owners can also benefit from using a concrete dealer for their business repair needs.  Some of the many things that contractors offer to business owners are slabs that can be used for sidewalks or in the building itself. Curbs and gutters that will keep their business safe from water damage.  Parking lots that will hold all of their loyal customers.
They also do retaining walls, loading docks and ramps, grade beams, concrete overlays, and other services that will make their business look great.  A must have for all business owners is a handicap ramp, and if you don’t have one or need to put one in, then a commercial concrete professional can help you.  Commercial concrete professionals can start at the beginning of your business project or finish up some extras you want to add.

Draining Systems

Most people think that concrete contractors only do driveways and sidewalks, but they also do draining systems for commercial and residential homes.  There a few types of drains that you can install, and it is up to you on which one are best for your needs.  A French drain is a drainage system that isn’t visible and takes water to another place away from your home or business.  A storm drain will take all of that extra rain that falls during a storm and drain it somewhere safe away from your home.  Most homes have channel drains in their sidewalk to drain excess water, and these kinds of drains and more can all be installed using a concrete professional.