We think nothing of it when the water from our taps runs effortlessly down our drains, but there’s a lot going on behind this seemingly simple process. And all too often, something can come along and disrupt your home’s drains’ normal function. You can help prevent that by following 3 simple maintenance tips. While these may not prevent specific weather patterns from hitting Waterloo and affecting your plumbing, regular maintenance will keep your drains in excellent shape!

1. Beware of what goes down your kitchen drain

We’re all guilty of allowing some food scraps down the drain, but your drain and its connective pipes aren’t designed to accommodate anything but water and dish soap. Food – and in particular cooking grease – is a surefire way of clogging your drains. The next time you do the dishes, make sure you scrape off all of the food scraps into the garbage before you place them in the sink. Installing a strainer (a cheap addition you can find in any hardware store in Waterloo) is a great way to stop any of the pieces that get passed you. Lastly, collect any cooking oils or fats in a container, and throw it out once the grease has solidified.

2. Keep a regular cleaning schedule

It can be difficult to find a convenient moment to clean your drains. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there’s hardly a time when your sink isn’t full of dishes. Luckily, you don’t have to clean your drains often; once a week is enough. We recommend taking a few minutes after you’ve finished dinner’s dishes to clean. Never use caustic cleaners that could be harmful to the environment, remembering that anything you pour down the drain will go into Waterloo’s water supply. Instead, use bio-degradable, environmentally friendly products. You can also use baking soda and white vinegar.

3. Have a local plumber on speed dial

Sometimes, against your best efforts, mistakes can happen. Food scraps get passed your defences. Grease can make its way down the pipes. Your child might throw a small toy down the sink. As a result, you could be looking at a serious clog and possible backup. When you do, call on the expert plumbers in Waterloo to help. These highly trained and certified plumbers are drains repair professionals. They come equipped with the tools you need to locate and break up any clog, no matter how big or how deeply set into your plumbing system.

Keeping your drains in good health isn’t as hard as you’d expect. All you have to do is be aware of how you use them and clean them regularly. Having the number of a drains repair expert can save you should you encounter any trouble despite your best efforts.