Instead of throwing your couch and chairs out on the trash when simple upholstery cleaning doesn’t cut it to make them look good, you can reupholster your furniture. These simple directions can help a person learn how to reupholster an old sofa.

Find Fabric

Medium weight fabrics are usually easier to work with than heavy fabrics. The medium strength fabrics can even hold up to daily use and wear and tear. Additionally, many upholstery cleaners believe this type of fabric is easier to maintain and clean. A person can look through a number of fabric options and find the colour and pattern that they like the best. Again, upholstery cleaning should also be of consideration, as different types of fabric require different methods, and the various colours need to be maintained differently. Couches will require several yards of fabric as a whole.

Match new look with your interior

It is important to match the look of your new upholstery with the look of the rest of the room. Don’t just pick whatever colour you want, and instead check out the overall theme and make sure you follow it. That way you will feel more inclined to do some furniture cleaning and maintenance, for revealing the true beauty of it will complement the overall look of the room.

Remove Old Covers

Remove the old covering from the furniture as well as any staples or nails that were used to hold it in place. Put the new fabric around the furniture and cut it so that it will fit snugly. Be sure to leave an inch around each one of the edges. Be sure to cut around any buttons or trimming in the furniture. Remember that this will greatly reduce the effort needed for upholstery clean at all times.


Secure the new fabric in place with a heavy duty staple gun. This should be done on the part of the furniture where no one will sit so it can be easily hidden. That is also where you don’t expect any cleaning service will be needed. Pull the new fabric firmly but gently to make sure that it is tight. Secure one side at a time making sure each one is tight. This will prevent sags and allow the furniture to look like it was done by a professional.

This is an easy way to reupholster a piece of furniture that is starting to age. Reupholstering can also be done to give the furniture a new and exciting look. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new couch a person can make the pieces they have look brand new once again.