Security Door Locks are extensively used in the home and business atmosphere. It can be a superior investment for any industry environment as it is able to aid them keep the precious storage securely such as jewelry plus electronic. The place for the organization depends on how long-lasting you need your lock to be. Deadbolt is extremely suggested for you who live in the region with high crime rate as it is more secure.

Exit control padlock is the well-liked type of Security Door Locks. usually, it is used for the rear door. It has some system to follow. For a more tough lock, you are suggested to choose one with cast aluminum accommodation in order that it is corrosion plus attack resistant. In adding, it is easy to install.Exit control

Card reader

Another kind of door lock is card reader lock. It is extremely convenient to use, to lock and unlock your door. They furthermore come with a smooth and fashionable design. They are usually equipped with an LED light as well as alarm for signifying the accepted access. In adding, they need card readers to be touch or else swiped by the card.

Alarm rim

This kind of lock is easy to install. several are designed with weather plus water proof and surpass the code security requirements. They are usually housed in tamper-resistant casing which is capable to defend the internal electronic, hardware, plus battery. In addition, they are prepared with audible and visual alarm up to 100 decibels.

Fingerprint lock

This is one of the type of door lock which is well-liked today. With this kind of lock, you don’t require any key in order that you will not harass about lose the key. For a more reliable safety, you can decide high-tech finger print lock. It is intended with biometric technology which is able to sense the finger print. Since the entrée is by using the fingerprint, this lock has the database of the finger prints which have entrée to the room. Mostly, they are capable to store up to 100 fingerprints. They can furthermore automatically turn on while you put your finger on the sensor.


They offer safety by using a solid metal cylinder that protrude throughout the door jam and in to the wall. There are several types of these locks with the most ordinary ones being:

Single-cylinder dead bolt: they are the majority common and are distinguished by a key hole on the outside of the door as well as a notch on the inside. The notch is the one that you turn so as to lock plus unlock the door.

Double-cylinder dead bolt: it’s notable from the single-cylinder dead bolt by the fact that the piece inside the home has a keyhole in place of a notch.

Surface-mount dead bolt: here a D-shaped equipment is mounted on the indoors portion of the door. These locks play a main role of preventing a thief from hammering off the dead bolt from the exterior.