Most homeowners know that houses take a lot of work to stay in good condition. It goes far beyond keeping the decor in good order. While the decor can help your property retain and even increase its value, there is also a need to maintain the facilities within it. This is why it can be a good idea to set up a maintenance schedule for your home.
Having a schedule means things won’t get neglected. And it also means that you don’t need to tackle everything all at once. You can spread the tasks and the costs across the year. Some of the things we need to keep an eye on are best done during the winter. Others are summer jobs. So how do you get started?
To create your very own home maintenance schedule, use a spreadsheet software package or app. You can also create a copy of it for your phone and even set up reminders. List the facilities you have in your home. These will be different for each property. You may have central heating and air conditioning. This means the boiler system and the air con will need to be serviced annually.
Qualified plumbers are often certified to manage the boiler maintenance. With a gas supply, it is essential this is done by the professionals every year to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Air conditioning systems often have a refrigeration unit, motorized fan and filter system to clean out. While some companies like One Hour AC can help get a system started again, it’s best to book them for an annual service and maintenance package. This avoids any breakdown or interruption at all.
Kitchen facilities like tap filters and ovens should also be inspected annually. Some parts and fittings need changing every couple of years too. Pop these on your schedule. More frequent checks should be done to the roof and guttering. Water damage from weather exposure can cost a fortune to repair. It will make a mess of your decor too! Check the gutters each quarter. Overspills can cause damp penetration and mold spores to your interior. Check the roof after every storm. Loose tiles should be repaired by a qualified roofer.
Your perimeter should be secure all year round. This prevents kids and pets from leaving the garden unattended. It can also help prevent trespassers getting to your house. Check the fencing and gates in the Fall and Spring to be sure everything is OK. It is worth making sure door hinges and locks are working well with the changing seasons too. Getting locked in or out can be a nuisance as well as dangerous in a fire.
Once you have set up your maintenance schedule, you can clearly see the tasks that need to be done each month. It can also help you determine a budget for you to save up to cover any unexpected problems too. You may want to add your interior and decor maintenance or renewals to the list to help you become even more organized around the house. Enjoy your beautiful home.