Being savvy and independent with your tasks around the home is often a very wise thing to do. Taking on these jobs alone is a great way of saving money. You may also get the task done far faster than if you were to wait for a specialist to come out. However, there are a number of jobs that you should always call the professionals in to deal with.
Electrical work
The rule of not doing electrical work within the home is not a hard and fast one. Thanks to some technological advancements, there are somethings that you can do yourself. There are also some appliances that are made in such a way that that there installation or removal is pretty safe. After all, you wouldn’t call an electrician to change a lightbulb, would you! However, there are many electrical jobs in the home that you should even consider doing yourself. Take electrical circuits, for example. They are so intricately constructed, even getting one wire wrong can end in serious consequences.
Plumbing work
If your shower head isn’t working how it used to, you can go ahead and replace it. If you want to upgrade your taps to some shiny new ones, following the instructions will get you there in the end. But for anything more complex, call in a professional plumber. Just like electricity, correct plumbing consists of multiple different components of a complex nature. There are pipes and fittings that need tending too. Treat these things incorrectly, and a little leak can quickly become a huge disaster. 
Roofing work
Because when you’re up there the job seems quite simple, many people take on roofing tasks each year single-handedly. The key here isn’t about the job, however. It’s about the height. You’re a long way off the ground, and gravity isn’t very forgiving towards small slips and trips.
Mold removal
Mould can be put into two different categorize; everyday and problem mold. Identifying which type of mold you are dealing with will help you decide if you need professional help.
Just as you wouldn’t call an electrician to change a lightbulb, you don’t need to call an expert to remove a bit of shower mold. Strong, chemical cleaners will do the job just fine. Just be sure to keep the room aerated and to wear rubber gloves. Same goes for small patches in the kitchen or by doors. You do need a professional if you find larger areas growing on walls or flooring, for example. 
If your temptation to take on the above tasks is so as to save money, find others way to do this instead. An Interior Designer can add the finishing touches to decor, sure. However, there is no reason why you can’t paint and decorate the walls yourself first.