When we go on vacation, we often leave our home unattended for at least a week or two. Therefore, a lot can happen while you’re away. You should ensure you prepare your home before going on holiday, so everything’s okay when you get back! 
If you are going on vacation, you need to make sure you give your house a hoover before you go. You don’t want to end up coming back and having to do it straight away as it looks a mess. Also, if there are any bits of food on the floor when you go away, they will have turned into mold by the time you get back. You may also end up with an ant infestation by the time you get back. Give the whole house a thorough clean before you head on holiday.
Clean out your fridge
One of the last things you should do when preparing your home for going away is clean out your fridge. Check the dates of the items, and if anything goes off while you’re away, it needs to be thrown away. Otherwise, you will end up coming home to find the fridge full of rotten food, and then you will end up spending loads of time cleaning it all out. Give away any whole milk or good bread to one of your neighbors or a family friend, so that it doesn’t get wasted.
Check your locks

It’s time to check if your locks are working before you go on vacation. Otherwise, you could end up coming home to find your belongings stolen. Check the door locks are working, then make sure you check the window locks. Remember to head outside and check the garage, shed, and gate is safely shut too. You should make sure you tell a trusted neighbor you will be away so they can keep an eye on your home.  If you want extra protection, you could install CCTV, so if something does happen, you can check the CCTV and show the police.

Get an automatic light

You don’t want to leave a light on while you’re away as you will end up with a huge electricity bill. You should consider getting an automatic light, which will just switch on at an arranged time. Put it in the hallway and then it will light up for a couple of hours so that it will deter intruders.

Water your plants

Another way to prepare your home before heading on vacation is to water your plants. You don’t want them to die while you’re away, so if possible, you should get someone in to do it for you. You could also consider installing a sprinkler or drip system which will make sure your grass is getting enough water while you’re away. If you have one already, ensure it’s working before going away. If it’s not, you may need to hire someone to do a Drip System Replacement.

Turn off heating

You should ensure you turn off the heating before going away otherwise your home will be hot when you get back. However, you may want it to stay warm. so it’s not freezing, so turn it down to a lower setting. After all, you don’t want to find an expensive bill for heating that you haven’t even used!

After doing the above, you can concentrate on packing for your holiday!