Why is it so many of us dump all our junk in the garage? Decluttering takes so much time and energy it can leave you wondering why you didn’t just chuck all that stuff out years ago! The garage is one of the most neglected parts of our homes. Even integral garages seem to pile up with old boxes and broken appliances. We can be so reluctant to throw things out. But wasting this valuable space could be costing you money. A clean, functional garage can add value to the home. And converting it into attractive living space can be even more appealing!
Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, you probably need to give the whole interior of your garage a good clean. Sweep the cobwebs from the walls and the rafters. You may need to power wash the floor to bring it back up to a shine. It is possible to repaint the floor with a hard wearing adhesive coating. This provides the perfect surface for storing a vehicle, gym equipment, tiling, or carpet underlay. The choice is yours.
To restore your garage into a place to park your vehicle, you need a couple of things. Start by considering how to store the other items you need in your garage. This may include ladders, tools, oils or even your lawn mower. Wall hooks and shelving can be quite handy in here. Why not paint the walls white to maximise the light? Add some PIR lighting that will come on when you open the door. 
Of course, if you’re ready to convert your garage into a new room, you may need to think about insulation, power, and ventilation. If you create a gym or simple games room, little is required. But if this is to become a bedroom, there will be local building regulations to consider. Windows are an important consideration. You may also need to provide extra insulation and a ceiling. Bricking up the vehicle access will also be a job for the professionals.
The garage can become a handy hobby room. As a music practice room, it certainly keeps the noise away from the main part of the house. If your garage doesn’t currently have any power, it may be worth considering. A qualified and certified electrician will be needed. In many cases, the mains is run from a cable at the main house. If this isn’t convenient, you may need to consider more expensive options.
Integral garages often make excellent dining rooms. Some people create a downstairs bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The length of a garage is particularly useful for this kind of thing. However, be wary of the amount of work required for this. A proper ceiling may need to be installed. And there is a chance that any external walls are not up to the same standard for insulation as the rest of the main house. You may also need to consider the appearance of the facade when you brick up the original garage door. How will you use your garage in the future?