When you own your own home, it gives you so much freedom to be creative with your living space. If you’re thinking of buying your first property, look for homes that have the potential to be developed or improved. It’s a great way to increase the value of your property too. Best of all, you can create the space you want to live in.

Some of the best ideas for home improvement come from increasing the space you have. Creating new bedrooms or bigger living rooms may be high on your agenda. Perhaps you could convert your garage, or add a conservatory? There are plenty of options. But all of these ideas are pretty big projects to take on. You may need planning permission if you are adding or making changes to the plumbing.

Fortunately, there isn’t too much red tape to get through. If you have a good builder to look after the project, chances are your improvements will be smooth sailing. Then you get to have fun with the decorating. Choosing your colour palette is one of the best things about home improvements. If you’re looking for something stylish, pick colours that are vibrant and energetic. An accent wall could be ideal for this.

A new kitchen or bathroom is another great way to improve your home. Making space for new appliances or a shower enclosure could be quite a big job, though. You may even have to move out for a few days while they are installed. Most projects are aesthetic, though. A change of worktop and flooring could be all you need to get the stylish kitchen of your dreams.

So how do you finance all this? Some mortgage lenders can give you a top up on your mortgage for home improvements. If you’re about to finish your fixed rate period, consider looking for a new mortgage that will free up some cash for your project. Another way to raise much-needed cash is with secured loans. They are secured against your property but are a separate finance agreement from your mortgage.

Of course, if you are creating an extra bedroom, this could be the perfect opportunity to rent it out for some extra income and fun company. Having a tenant live with you can be a great way to raise some cash, and it could be the start of a great friendship. If you’re making a bedroom out of the loft space or basement areas, be sure they are up to standard for that purpose. You may need to notify your local authority of your intentions.

Don’t forget your outside space can also be improved. Add a large patio or decking area for outside dining and socialising. You might even get a fun hot tub! A good landscaper can create the perfect view from your living room window to enjoy all year round. Creating a great space for entertaining in the summer months could be just the thing for your property. Add some great outdoor furniture and you’ll have that extra living space you always wanted. What will you do to improve your home?