I think it is safe to say that we are well into the swing of summer. The evenings are lighter, and the temperature is warmer. If you have a garden outside, then you will have noticed that the grass is growing faster and so are the weeds. So now is the time to get your garden ready for summer, if you haven’t already. It won’t take long, but will make it a much more enjoyable time when you are out there.

Get Weeding

Plants just grow and grow in summer. Sadly, so do the weeds. So one of the first things to do is to get started on your flower beds. The weeds will just be starting to grow so it is best to nip them in the bud (see what I did there), as soon as possible. Make sure that you lift them right from the roots, so they don’t continue to grow. Then it will make it easy to care for your lawn and flowerbeds over summer. You might get a few weeds grow back, but not too many. So stay on top of it and it will be simple to take care of.

Get Decorating

If you have a patio or a decking area, it is a good idea to get the area looking pretty. So tidying up the space is a great idea. Wooden decking might need to be washed with a pressure washer to lift up and old or stains. The same will apply for tiled patios too. Then you might want to decorate the space. Some cute planters or lanterns are good options. You could even get something like fairy lights that you could string up around the area. You can get solar powered ones so they can charge up during the daylight. Then when you are dining al fresco, they will light up and look sparkly and pretty.

Get Some New Furniture

Some new garden furniture is a must for summer, right? You might want to get a couple of loungers for sunbathing or relaxing. You might prefer to just get a new table and chairs set. Rattan options look good, and they are durable over summer. You could even choose metal ones too. Just make sure that you get some cushion covers to make things more comfortable. If you wanted to add something extra special, you could consider getting a hot tub. They are perfect to use in summer but can be used all year long if needed. You could get a hot tub in a wood setting if that would help it to blend in with the rest of your garden and furniture. It looks much more subtle. Not convinced? Have a look for a wooden hot tubs article online so you can read about the pros and cons.

Get Trimming

Summer is the perfect time to get trimming your trees. If you shape and trim the trees in your garden, it will allow them to grow in the best shape that you want them to. They will grow quickly over summer so it makes sense to do it now.