We all want to be a good hostess whenever we have friends staying in our home. It’s all about making a fabulous first impression, and ensuring their comfort throughout their stay. And what’s the best way to achieve these two things? With a fantastic home decor of course! So if you plan on inviting your close friends and family to stay regularly, this article is just for you. Ready to become the hostess with the mostess? Here are some fantastic decor tips that will knock the socks off your guests.

En Suites Never Fail To Impress

If you have a large guest bedroom, you should consider installing an en suite bathroom. This will help your guests to have complete privacy throughout their stay as you won’t have to share a bathroom. It also means everyone can get ready without having to wait for the bathroom in the morning! En suites don’t have to be extravagant. A simple shower, toilet, and sink will be enough. If you are pretty good with your DIY, then you may be able to put up the walls and door yourself. It’s best leaving all the plumbing to a professional plumber, though!

Premium Bedding

For a night full of sweet dreams, make sure your guest beds are fitted with top-quality premium bedding. Egyptian cotton sheets are some of the softest sheets you can find in the shops, and will make all the difference to your guests’ night. They can be slightly pricier than regular sheets, but the large price tags are worth it as they will last alot longer than normal bedding. Don’t forget pillows. Buy hotel quality pillows to help your guests get their beauty sleep.

Neutral Shades

When you need to redecorate your guest bedroom, don’t do it up as if it is your master bedroom. Your tastes may be completely different to your future guests’. Try to keep things neutral so that you can be sure no one is put off from bold decorating. Pastel shades work well, such as light peaches and creams. It’s best to stick to block colours rather than patterns, as patterns tend to date quicker.

Think About Storage

Any bedroom will need some storage units. However, if the guest bedroom is only small, you don’t want to take up too much space with storage. There are some clever ways you can add storage to the room. One of the best ways is to buy a bed that has drawers underneath it. You might have to let your guests know they are there. Otherwise they could spend a long time trying to find somewhere to put their clothes!

Useful Additions

Place a hair dryer and phone charger in one of the drawers in the room. If your guests forget theirs, they will really appreciate these extra additions! You might also like to add some toiletries to their en suite. You don’t have to go over the top. Some shampoo and shower gel should be enough!

Your guests will surely love staying with you if you follow these tips!