When summer arrives, we naturally spend more time out of doors. We eat at pavement cafes and bars. We go to the beach and for long walks. And we spend more time in the garden. Make the most of the warm weather this year, with our outdoor living tips.

1. Get Your Garden ‘Summer Ready’

Before you spend more time outside, get your garden into shape. No-one wants to sit surrounded by a jungle. Cut back overgrown bushes and plants and get rid of weeds. Keep on top of them by putting down some bark chips. Cut the grass and redefine edges.

If you’re looking for something a little more ambitious, a landscaping company like Dream Retreats can help. Consider decking or paving to create an outdoor kitchen. Or, just as somewhere to eat and drink. A dedicated area will make all the difference and will be much easier to maintain throughout the year.

2. Work Outside

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, move your office into the garden. It makes sense. We work for most of the week, and it seems a shame to waste the sunshine by working indoors. And after all, we live in a largely wireless world.


1. Find a quiet shady spot that is out of direct sunlight. 2. Use a comfortable chair and table. Don’t just perch your laptop on your knee. 3. Ensure you’re not overlooked or be prepared for interruptions. 4. Move indoors for private or confidential calls. 5. Take out plenty of bug repellant. 6. If your internet signal is weak or intermittent, invest in a booster. They are relatively inexpensive.7. Avoid distractions.

Many people are now investing in permanent garden offices. This offers lots of advantages. It clears space within your home. It also provides a clear cutoff between work and home life. In the summer, you can enjoy being in the garden with a little shelter. Heated options are available for the colder months.

3. Eat Outdoors

Whether you have a full-on outdoor kitchen or a simple patio set, eat outdoors as much as possible. This doesn’t just apply to BBQs and garden parties. It applies to weekdays too. Sitting outside with your breakfast in the early morning is a calm and tranquil way to start the day. Most people will be sleeping or indoors. Enjoy the early morning birdsong and gentle breeze.

And after a hard day working, make a simple supper and take it outside. Light some candles and hang a few fairy lights. Let everyone serve themselves and enjoy talking and laughing as the sun goes down.

4. Mindfulness

The garden creates a wonderful opportunity to be mindful. When creating your garden, make sure you think about stimulating all of the five senses. Plant flowers that are fragrant as well as beautiful. Plant trees and grasses for the sound the wind makes as blows through their leaves.

Move your daily yoga or meditation practice into the garden. Immersing yourself in nature will enhance the experience.

Don’t limit this year’s garden time to BBQs and social events. Make the most of the sunshine and embrace the outdoors this summer.