Renovating a house – or even just one room – can be a real headache. Picking the right look can involve looking through style guide after style guide. Sometimes the prices alone are enough to make you wonder if maybe moving into a tent would be an option. But once it’s done, there is a real sense of accomplishment to having completed it, and real joy in actually using it.

If, for example, you’re renovating your bathroom, it gives you a chance to put a real stamp on the house, something that makes a statement. And really, if you’re looking for a statement room, then there are two main ways you can go. Rustic, antique class or a more contemporary look. And right now, nothing is more stylish than the clean lines of a contemporary bathroom.

The bathroom, for all its small size, is often one of the hardest rooms to get right. You don’t just have to consider look and comfort, as with a bedroom or living room. It needs to function well too. Because it is smaller than most rooms, you also need to bear in mind that a wasted inch is much more crucial than in those rooms. This is a major reason why contemporary fixtures and fittings are so popular.

The function aspect of a bathroom means that contemporary has a great many advantages. That antique vanity that looks so welcoming in the showroom is also likely to be more of a headache to fix if it gets cracked or blocked. Meanwhile this featured modern vanity still looks classy, is harder-wearing and is likely to be a lot more functional.

The fixtures and fittings of a contemporary bathroom may seem to some people to be a case of style over substance, but there are so many advantages. First of all, since when was style ever a bad thing? As for substance, the advantages of a contemporary renovation include how easily it can be updated. And sometimes you need to update your bathroom.

Additionally, contemporary bathroom fixtures are worth the cost and the effort for utility. The issue that any bathroom will face is that it has its own little microclimate. Even in a fully carpeted house, often the kitchen and the bathroom will not be carpeted. This is not by accident. These rooms deal with water and other liquids spilling, and with heat which brings condensation. The more modern a bathroom is, the better it handles these extremes.

There are obviously exceptions in everything. If you live in an area that is known for rustic charm, then resale value may benefit from a more classic look. Knowing how to balance costs, benefits and local realities is important.

And in the long run, if it is you that will be living in the house, then you have to be happy with what you’re living in. Done right, a bathroom with antique charm isn’t going to be hell to live with. But if you’re planning for the future, then dipping into the past isn’t your option here.