Spring cleaning isn’t just for spring. We all want our homes to look their best as often as possible. While this usually requires quite a lot of work on our part, it is more than worth it for the results that you can get. It might be that you are preparing your home for sale. In that case, you will definitely want to avoid cutting any corners. Or perhaps you are just sick and tired of feeling like your home is always a mess. Whatever the circumstance, there is never a bad time to give your house something of a makeover. THe trouble is, this can often feel like a monumental task. However, it usually turns out to be easier than you think. Once you get started, often it is not really that bad. It does help, however, to have a clear guide in place. That way, you are less likely to feel as though you are wasting your time. To that end, we have put together this ultimate guide on making your home look like new. Follow this, and you won’t go far wrong.

Declutter & Clear

The first essential step in making your home look new again is to remove all of the stuff which you might have accumulated. Don’t be ashamed if you find that your home has collected a lot of rubbish. You’re not alone. Most people find that clutter just tends to build and build – until you do something about it, that is. The truth is, this can be a great excuse to make a little money. Why not gather all of those old belongings together and have a yard sale? If you feel like you don’t have the time for that, you could always sell them online instead. When you are trying to decide what to keep and what to throw away, I find the six month rule helps. If you haven’t used, worn or thought about something in the last six months – get rid of it! You probably can live easily without it.

Get Rid Of Smells

It might seem like a strange thing to mention, but it can make a huge difference to the overall ambience of the house. The way a place smells really does say a lot – about the owner, the building itself, and so on. With that in mind, spend an hour or so trying your best to make your home smell like new again. To achieve this, you can do numerous things. One of the most effective methods is to spray some air freshener on the furniture and open the windows. Then, gently waft some incense throughout the home. This should go most of the way towards removing any nasty smells. The remainder of your cleaning ritual should sort out the rest.

Start From The Outside

When it comes to getting down and dirty to begin cleaning, it is a good idea to start from the outside, and work inwards. Part of the reason for this is purely psychological. If you get the outside of your home cleaned properly first, then you already have a sense of progress being made. This then encourages you to continue, and it makes cleaning the inside of the home a lot easier and nicer. If you are able to get to it, you may as well begin by cleaning the roof. Depending on what kind of roof you have, the cleaning method will vary. There is a specific method for Cleaning Vinyl Siding, for example, which might not work on other materials. It is a good idea to do a little research before you start cleaning, just to be sure. As well as the roof, you may as well also clean the outside of the walls. This alone will make the exterior look like a brand new building. If nothing else, it makes returning home after a long day that little bit more pleasant.

In The Garden

If you have a garden, then there is cause for celebration. Not only does beautifying your garden improve the feel of the overall house. It is also a fun and enjoyable way to spend these hot summer days. When it comes to thinking about how to make the garden look better, remember that variation is the key. Include as many different kinds of plant life as you possibly can. What’s more, be sure to take good care of the lawn. There is something about a well-kept lawn which makes a house seem more like a home.


It’s time to start thinking about the inside of the home again now. One of the easiest and most efficient ways of breathing some new life into your home is to re-decorate the walls. In truth, you do not even have to do the whole house. Even if you just focus on the main living areas, this will make a noticeable difference to the house as a whole. When you are planning your decorating, be sure to go for fairly neutral colours. These are the tones which do the best job of making your home feel cleaner and newer. Then it is just a matter of getting down to work and actually painting!

Artwork & Photographs

Once you have repainted the walls, it might be a good idea to hang some new pieces of artwork on them. There are few more effective ways of making a home seem like new than this. THe truth is, you can easily get hold of some artwork fairly cheaply. Either you can look in charity or thrift stores, or you can have a look at online auction sites. Wherever you get them from, it is sure to make a big difference. While you’re at it, why not hang some fresh photographs of yourself and your family and friends? This can make a house seem much more homely in moments. Remember to keep a sense of balance when you are doing this. The last thing you want is walls which are completely covered with paintings. But by the same token, neither do you want to have too much bare wall on display.