Oh dear, another post about energy saving in the home, you say? Ah, not quite. Today, we’re going to look at ways to energy save that are unique, inspired and awesome. Are those enough adjectives for you? We hope so and with these ideas, we’re sure you’re going to agree your home is greatly improved. Let’s start with one that’s obvious to a few and unknown to many.

A Heat Induction Hob

Have you heard of heat induction hobs? They are incredibly cool gadgets that look stunning. So, if you’re looking for aesthetically stunning eco-friendly changes, this might be next on your list. A heat induction hob will allow you to save power by only heating under the surface of the pan, rather than the whole hob or ring. This is both practical and useful, but there’s another advantage, too. It looks stunning with a futuristic display that will bring your kitchen into the modern age.

Pellet Burning Stove

A pellet burning stove is great because it will save a lot of energy, every time you use it. It works like this. The stove burns pellet wood that when burned releases the same level of CO2 as a tree. Cool, right? These pellets are stored at the back of the stove and therefore need to be easy to access. That’s why if you do buy one of these, you need heavy duty drawer slides. These will allow you to pull the stove out whenever you need to, with ease. You can put it back in once you’re finished cleaning it out, hiding the pellet storage area from sight.

Solar Panels

We imagine, if you live in an area where it’s sunny a lot of the year, you’ve already seen these on neighbors houses. Solar panels are cool because if you have them in the summer, you’ll be paying almost nothing on your electric bill. Since we hardly ever need the heating on in the summer, that’s going make the cost of bills at this time of year very cheap indeed. The problem is that pesky first cost but, if you speak to your local environmental agency they might be able to ease the weight of that bill too!


If you’re at home right now, and you’re watching TV, go and feel the back of the monitor. In most cases, it’s going to be red hot, and that means it’s using a lot of energy. In fact, even leaving it on standby is probably costing you a small fortune. The good news is that you can replace it with an eco-friendly model that’s an LED set. These aren’t as expensive as you might assume and will look like a piece of modern art if you fix them to the wall.

Wonder Window

Finally, this is a very advanced piece of tech that might be worth looking into. The wonder window contains weightless beads filled with air that gives you the same level of insulation as a wall. That means you’ll no longer need to worry about the curtains not being thick enough in the winter. This will keep the heat in your home all year round.