If you’ve decided now is the time to make a move, you’re not alone. Lots of people are looking for a fresh start at the moment. You might have a new job in a new town, or you might be hoping the kids can get into a really great school. Maybe you just want to be nearer to your extended family. Or perhaps your dream home just came on the market, and you’re ready with a cheeky offer! Here are some easy to implement tips to help you make that big move without the big stress:


One of the most stressful parts of moving house is the mounting costs. Make sure what you’re buying is affordable. You’ll need plenty of leftover cash to pay for the removals, the solicitors, the tax man, and the decorating. The deeper you get into the buying process, the more expensive it seems. Set yourself a realistic budget. Visit the property lots of times to really get an understanding of how much work you need to do to it to make it into your home.


Pack early but pack smart. This means getting ready to go even if you have that little doubt in your mind that the sale will actually complete. Of course, sometimes things move so swiftly, you simply don’t have time to get organised. You can use a full service removal specialist like Bryan Stevens House Removals, or have a packing party with your friends. Pack for the new house rather than how you have each room now. It will make unpacking much easier!

Decorate First

If you have an extra couple of days before you need to move in, why not get the place decorated first? If you’re keeping your current furniture, you can make colour palette decisions based on that. As you need to order flooring weeks in advance, you may prefer to wait to move in all your bulky bits and belongings until after it’s done. Of course, if your new place has plenty of storage options, this may not be an issue.

Check Out The Neighbourhood

If you have kids, the prospect of a move can be really upsetting. They may have to leave their friends and school behind. And the security of their own bedroom will also be gone. But if you can show them all the great things your new neighbourhood has to offer, you may have some very happy kids after all. Check out the play parks, the community centre, and some great places to eat. What’s at the local leisure centre? Is there a cinema or kids play centre nearby? They’ll soon settle in when they get used to all the great things their new neighbourhood has to offer.

It can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do in your life. Or it can be just a minor hiccup on your way to lifelong happiness. Moving house doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you make a few preparations in advance. Enjoy your lovely new home.