Choosing what kind of house to buy can be a difficult decision, given the range of new homes in Perth on the market today. There are several key advantages to buying a new build house that need to be considered before making a final purchase. Here are five important reasons.

Safety Standards

Housing design and safety standards are regulated by the Australian Building Codes Board and their Building Code of Australia. These regulations are updated on a yearly basis. Buying a 100 year-old cottage may be an appealing prospect, but often older housing can fall short of the standards that have been set by the ABCB.

By purchasing a new house that has been designed and built to the rules that have been set out, this helps to create peace of mind about your house’s safety since it will have been rigorously examined to make sure that it complies with the guidelines.

Home safety is important for everyone but it can be especially important for families with young children. Older houses which do not meet these guidelines can often pose a risk for children who might be unaware of the dangers of such things as loose plug sockets and uneven stairs.

House Costs

Old houses that do not comply with everything set out by the Building Code of Australia tend to develop a range of problems that need fixing repeatedly over the years: from leaky taps to loose tiles on the roof, the repairs that need to be done can be a financial strain as well as being extremely emotionally stressful to sort out.

In contrast, maintenance costs of new build houses are much lower precisely because they have been built with the most up-to-date regulations in mind. This means that you spend less time fixing and more time relaxing in your new home.

It can be hard to keep on top of the cost of energy bills. The advantage here when it comes to new homes is that they are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Double glazing, loft and wall insulation, and an efficient boiler are all hallmarks of a newly built home which are designed to stop heat escaping and to keep your energy bills down to just what is used rather than what is also wasted on top. Safety-tested wiring in new homes helps to prevent wasted electricity, which can help to make lighting your home cost-effective.

This allows homeowners to save money and spend it on what really matters to them. Pottier Homes build new homes that are designed with energy efficiency in mind.


Security is a big incentive for buying a new home. Older homes may lack the latest alarms, cameras and locks designed to keep you and your possessions safe. It can be costly to install these features in a house that was built without such technology in mind.

With features like keyless locks, motion sensors and CCTV, new build homes pose a greater challenge for burglars and thieves to break into.

Contemporary Design

The benefits of modern design, from walk-in-wardrobes to master bathrooms and open plan kitchens means that buying a new house fits effortlessly with a modern lifestyle. New homes in Perth can often be customized to a buyer’s specifications. This makes it less likely that homeowners will need to redesign or redecorate the house in future, saving money in the long run.

By contrast, older homes tend to have aspects that can be seen as outdated in terms of style or layout that the homeowner may want to change. This can lead to high redecoration and redesign costs.

Resale Value

We have established that new-build homes can be easier to maintain, safer and more energy efficient than older houses which do not meet building regulations. The knock on effect of this is that modern houses can be easier to resell for buyers looking to move out into another house. This allows potential buyers to spend more time looking for the new home of their choice rather than worrying that their current house will struggle on the market.

New build homes and their owners often have the advantage of being protected under the jurisdiction of the state homeowner’s association. This helps to ensure financial and legal support to home owners. One of the key roles of a Home Owner’s Association is to protect the resale value of new build homes.

Buying a brand new home is an adventure. Why not start today?