Is your home’s hallway just a waste of space? Is it a wasteland for coats, shoes, and that old doormat you’ve had for years? Don’t worry you’re not alone, of all the spaces in our homes, the hallway is one of the most overlooked. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Just because it’s a small, in-between space, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to be beautiful. If you want to give your hallway a beauty boost and make it a nicer space, take the below tips and ideas on board.

Revamp the walls

The chances are that the walls in your hallway are either covered in old, peeling wallpaper or white, grubby paint. Whatever the walls in your hallway look like, if you want to create a space you can be proud of, you need to revamp them. Just like any other room, take the time to pick your hallway wall finish carefully. Ideally, you want to use a sheer paint, so that any marks – mud splatters or hand prints, are easy to remove. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour, just make sure not to go for anything too dark if your hallway is already somewhat dark – pastel hues can be ideal.

Think about the flooring

For hallways, carpet is almost always a bad choice. With so much foot traffic from outside, the carpet will get dirty and worn down in no time at all, regardless of the shade or style you opt for. Instead, it’s best to go for hard flooring, as this lasts longer and is easier to keep clean. Whether you opt for wood, slate, or lino it doesn’t matter, just be careful not to choosing a style that becomes slippery when wet. Else, on rainy days you and your guests will be slipping and sliding all over the place.

Add some suitable furniture

The key to creating a space that you love is to ensure that your hallway has adequate storage space, such as hooks for the coats and a nice shoe rack. To find pieces that you love for your hallway, check out the Mayan Walnut sale and have a browse. As well as adding storage, if there’s room, you could also add some eating or a small table that a plant or key bowl could be placed on. However, this will depend on how large your hallway is and how much space there is to work with.

Put your own stamp on it

Just like with the rest of your home, it’s important to put your own stamp on your hallway. Whether that’s choosing unique paint for the walls, adding a bold rug, or dotting pictures about that you love, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you’re able to give your hallway a look and feel that appeals to you.

Is your hallway looking a little worse for wear? Hopefully, the ideas above will help you to create a space that you love and are proud of.