When it comes to taking care of our properties, doing so effectively is naturally a high priority for us. However, as the seasons change and the weather and temperature changes with it, the care the house needs changes.

So, let’s take a look some key maintenance tasks for winter, spring, summer and fall.


A key task in the winter is to keep your winter tools and equipment maintained. It’s all very well stocking up on everything you might need. However, it isn’t going to be very useful if it doesn’t actually work. Preparing for snow is wise. A lack of preparation can cause anything from mild annoyance to total chaos. You don’t want anyone to fall and hurt themselves, or to not be able to get your car out to go to work! Snowshifts have a helpful review on some of the best snow blowers on the market. You may also want to store salt and sand, and a shovel will always come in handy if it snows too. Keep them all in a dry, clean and safe place. Check they are working as soon as weather warnings appear. This way, if adverse weather comes, you will be prepared and can help neighbors and friends out also.


Sometimes, when we can’t see dirt, we kind of forget that it’s there! This is often what happens when dirt and debris builds up over the winter. On your windows, for example, you might not even notice it for a number of months it there isn’t much sunlight. However- trust us on this one- the dirt is there. Plus, letting it harbor and increase can cause real damage, and actually reduce the life of your windows and exterior fixtures. So, get the cleaned. We’re talking about a deep and thorough clean here, not a surface one. Hire a professional if you can’t face doing it yourself!

On the topic of hiring professionals, also get someone to check any in spring air conditioning units. Fixing issues and ordering replacement parts in advance of actually needing the unit- as you will in summer- is smart.


Once summer arrives, you will likely be spending more time in the great outdoors! This will, therefore, mean spending time in your garden and outdoor space. That’s why now is the time to make sure these areas are safe. First up you’ll need to throw out clutter, rubbish and other mess that has built up over the months of less use. Have it take away by professionals who will ensure it is responsibly disposed of or even better, recycled.


Just as you need to check your air conditioning in spring, check your heating systems are working in Fall. This allows you to get any issues fixed well in advance of the coldest weather in winter. Now is also the best time to ‘weatherize’ your home. So, things like wall insulation and window replacements should be done now. The more work you can do in Fall, the more comfortable and cozy you will be in winter