Gardeners everywhere are working to create their own individual paradise, and like fashion, there are in’s and out’s. This year has some refreshing new arrivals, and container gardens are catching on in a big way, as recycled ideas provide unique platforms. Of course, these are generalisations, there will be folks that deviate due to personal taste, but, as long as the garden is pleasing to the eye, and its creator is happy, all is well.

Indoor gardens

The trends this year very much follow the previous season, with indoor gardening becoming prominent, probably due to the large amount of conservatories that are sprouting up all over. With hanging baskets and plenty of dried grass, the ambience is amazon style, with lots of lush evergreens.

Container gardening

Fuelled by recycling, creativity abounds as people design, and make, amazing pots and bowls for their plants. Perhaps another reason is that people are constantly on the move. With career development comes relocation, and in small inner city dwellings, often a container garden is the only way to be surrounded by a bit of nature.

Portable garden

A container garden has several benefits, one being that it can be moved. Either the entire collection, to a new location, or individual plants and shrubs. Sometimes a plant takes a while to acclimatise to the sunlight hours, and if one noticed a particular shrub was not doing well, simply move it to a location where one thinks it will thrive. At the end of the first year, all plants will be in their optimum settings, and that will be reflected in the healthy blooms seen in the late spring.

Manageable maintenance

Trees are centre stage this year, with everyone concerned for their well-being. The avid gardener would call in the tree surgeon at the end of winter, and have the lopping and pruning done, so if one lives in Western Australia, Tree Surgeons WA are a Tree Lopper with years of experience in all types of tree care. By taking care of the larger trees early in the year, the garden can be easily maintained, and there’s nothing major to do.


Definitely a big hit this summer, LED solutions, combined with solar power, enable the garden designer to really utilise light. Floor lighting around pool areas, and alongside driveways and paths, give a totally new dimension to any landscape, and with a range of colours and effects, the creative side can really get to work. Strong floodlight type of lighting has given way to the softer look, and with remote technology, adjustment is a breeze.

Natural grey concrete

Very impressive when done correctly, walls and pathways can be enhanced with darker timbers, creating a modern look.

Tropical plants

They have always been popular, yet this year has seen an explosion of small exotic trees, which hold the interest all year round. Evergreens are here to stay, with a fickle climate such as Western Australia, year round green is ideal.

The trend this year is for less cluttered gardens, with striking fauna, and the emphasis is on simplicity, which every gardener will be happy to hear.