You may be surprised to know that research has found the average homeowner stays in their property for at least thirteen years. Therefore, it can be a hard decision when you do feel like it’s time to move. You have made treasured memories in that home that you don’t want to forget. But it can sometimes be for the best to move to another property. Here are some top signs it is now time to upgrade to a new home.

You have done all you can in the current home

One top sign that you need to upgrade to a new home is if you have done all you can in the current home. Sometimes the cost of buying another property will end up being cheaper than having to keep paying out for repairs for your current home. As this feature explains, it might be worth throwing in the towel, and finding a new home if you have done all you can in your current home. It can be a fresh new challenge to start DIY in a new home.

You are extending your family

Another top sign it’s time to upgrade to a new home is if you are extending your family. In fact, additional children is a common reason why families decide to move to another bigger home. As much as you can put two children in the same room, there comes a time when they will need their own rooms. Also, if you are expecting another baby, you may want another room to be their nursery. Therefore, it might be time to upgrade to a new room where you will have a lot more space for your family.

You aren’t keen on the area

Another top sign it’s time to upgrade to a new home is if you aren’t keen on the area. You may have loved the neighborhood when you first moved in, but it might have gone downhill since then. It could be time to go live somewhere else where you feel that you and your family are safe. You can speak to realtors, such as the Mass Home Team, about different areas so you know whether it’s the right place for you to live. They may be able to suggest a suitable area where you should buy a new property.

You are worried about safety in the home

An additional sign it’s time to upgrade to a new home is if you are worried about the safety of the property. If you feel like your family are being put at risk, it’s definitely time to move. Older homes often would have been designed to fewer guidelines that are in place now with new properties. Also, as we talked about before, older homes may have uneven stairs and loose plugs which will be dangerous for younger kids. Therefore, you may want to purchase a brand new property that complies with the latest safety guidelines.

You may also have made a lot of money on your investment and therefore have decided it’s time to sell up. You could get your home valued, and if it’s a substantial increase, it could be financially beneficial to sell up now!