Buying the first home is a milestone in anyone’s life, and sets a person on the bottom rung of the property ladder, which, let’s face it, is a must, if you want a comfortable retirement. For a young couple, the process might seem a little daunting, the finance, the land purchase, and then there is the small matter of building the house. If it is any consolation, first time buying is something everyone has to go through, and there are resources to help.

Help is at hand

Forward thinking organisations, such as First Home Owners Centre, offer a comprehensive service that incorporates every aspect of owning a property, including all government paperwork. The Australian government offers a grant to those buying a first home, and this has just been increased to $10,000, not only that, the stamp duty on land purchases less than $300,000 has been waived, as a further incentive to encourage first time buyers.

A comprehensive service

Years ago, building a house required many services, legal people, architects, the bank, the local authority approval, and finally the builder. The whole process was somewhat marathon like, and possibly deterred many people from getting the ball rolling. Today there are specialised companies that oversee every aspect of the process, which means buying a first home isn’t the administrative nightmare it once was. It is important to use the services of an established company, as they will have many sites available, and one can be confident in their integrity and long-term stability.


The whole process is clearly defined, and the client is fully informed at every stage. Finding a suitable home, securing a loan, and applying for government grants, are all transparent processes, and everything is usually completed quickly.

Display homes

The wonderful thing about show houses is you get to actually experience the finished residence, and with an established builder, the choice would be varied. It can be difficult to imagine what a house will look like when it is finished, and a display home gives you that.

Don’t wait to get started

Put off by the rising land and house prices, many people mistakenly think they have to wait until they can afford to put down a big deposit before buying a home. With an established company that specialises in helping first time house buyers, a person can become the proud owner of a new home within a short period of time, and once on the property ladder, every year that goes by, sees an increase in value.

Financial security

With a growing population, and land in greater demand, becoming a home owner is the beginning of financial security. Yes, it can be difficult to scrape together the money to go ahead when one is young, but in later years, it will become apparent that it was indeed a wise move.

Modern housing solutions are handled by companies that specialise, and if a person wishes to take the major step of becoming a home owner, there are companies that will take care of everything in a transparent manner, and with a range of sizes, styles, and locations, that dream home is a matter of months away!