Period interior design is great for providing inspiration in your current home. Even if your property is not from a certain period, it doesn’t mean you can’t mimic the style. I’ve picked two different design periods to start you on a visual journey through the ages.

The Victorian Period

Opulence and indulgence reigned supreme in this period. Queen Victoria was on the throne for over sixty years so there is not just one style that defines the age. Influences came from the Industrial Revolution and Gothic Revival architecture. People began travelling to countries including Japan and India, so exotic influences were evident too. Homeowners filled their rooms with elegant furniture and sumptuous fabrics. They believed this showcased their wealth and status. Colour schemes were dark and rich. Favourite hues were ruby red and forest green. The same look can be achieved with Farrow & Ball heritage colored paints. If you are thinking about picking up a paint brush make sure to check out my post on easy ways to make painting at home a breeze. Lavish luxury was key to this period. You should source large button back chairs and sofas in decadent velvet and damask fabrics. The beautiful floral and bird motif wallpapers of William Morris are also a must. Patterned encaustic tiles were used in areas of high volume traffic. Consider buying reproduction tiles for your hallway and kitchen. Skirting boards should be deep, and polished woodwork should be dark. Mouldings and ceiling roses were also crucial to the period. Make sure to spend time choosing a design or consider going bespoke. Source a beautiful roll top bath with clawed feet for the ultimate in Victorian style.

Today, our living spaces are becoming more family-centric. Living rooms and kitchens tend to be more open-plan. As you plan a new style and design for your house, you may also consider remodeling some of your rooms. Blending modern design with a period aesthetic is striking. There are great companies that can guide you through the renovation process. They will be an invaluable source when navigating such a big project. They can help with design, planning permissions, construction and sourcing. How about getting some Georgian renovation inspiration for lots of luxurious ideas?

The Art Deco Period

The Art Deco period was inspired by jazz, film, Cubism and the rise of automobile travel. Choose this style if you want to bring clean lines, simplicity and striking design into your home. Influenced by the early glamour of travel and Hollywood, the look is bold and abstract.  Think 1920’s geometric shapes, lavish cocktail cabinets, glass, aluminum and shiny metallics. As Picasso began playing with shapes and angles, geometry also made its way into furniture design. To get the look, source chairs and sofas with unusual shapes. Introduce cubed cabinets and ornate mirrors. Look out for polished veneers and exotic woods. Choose an iconic parquet floor. Combine delicate Art Nouveau motif fabrics with more opulent silk and satin for a play on texture. Colour schemes should be black, gold or silver and lighting should be soft and subdued. The aim is to create something grand and luxe. Think brass and chrome fittings, animal print and graphic patterns. Think of a house made for a movie star. Now all you have to do is get someone to make you a Gibson.

These are just two of the many interior design periods that can bring you inspiration. The aim is to create something expressive and delightful. Something that is both interesting and dramatic. A space of harmony and comfort, that flows well and works for all the family.