The driveway of any home is a focal point, and apart from serving a practical purpose, a well-kept drive will complement any property. Concrete was, for many years, the preferred choice for covering driveways, but modern asphalt, or bitumen, is ideal for the Western Australian climate, and is not the preferred material for drive resurfacing.

What is bitumen?

Bitumen is another word for asphalt, and both are commonly used terms in the construction industry. Asphalt driveways are a mixture of aggregate concrete and bitumen, with the aggregate heated to the correct temperature prior to mixing, and the precise ratio of mix ensures that the driveway has a smooth, long-lasting surface.

Transform the character of the home

Having an asphalt drive laid will certainly alter the character of the home, and with a range of textures and finishes, the surface will last for many years. If a home owner has had their house on the market for several months without attracting a buyer, a new driveway might just do the trick. First impressions count, and a nice smooth driveway that leads to the main entrance really complements the property. There are qualified asphalt services in the Perth area that can supply the ideal drive surface, at a reasonable cost.

Extreme weather

One reason why asphalt is so popular for road and drive surfaces is that it is not affected by extreme heat or cold. Frost will not damage the material, and bitumen expands during the hot season to retain its form.

Maintenance free

An asphalt drive is maintenance free, and will not crack or split, giving years of reliable service, and remaining in good condition whatever the season. In the event the local authority needs to dig up a section to repair a burst pipe, the drive can be easily repaired.

Talk to the professionals

Anyone who is considering asphalting in Perth, can locate an experienced contractor with a simple online search, and a representative will be more than happy to come and survey the area, and make suggestions to ensure the best solution. Laying bitumen is a specialised trade, and experienced workers can make the difference between an acceptable job and an outstanding one.

Fast setting time

Asphalt surfaces can be used within hours of being applied, which is more convenient that waiting a few days for concrete to set, another reason for the popularity of asphalt driveways. Once the ground has been prepared, and the asphalt arrives, the trained personnel work swiftly, and the new surface is ready to be used within a few hours.


Asphalt offers good friction, even in slippery conditions, while other materials can suffer a build-up of moss and mildew, which can cause a nasty fall. Children will have a non-slip surface to play on, and the durable surface will remain in good condition for many years.

The driveway of any home is heavily used, with the coming and going of various family members, not to mention the social gatherings, so it makes sense to cover the surface in a long-lasting and durable finish, which is maintenance free.