There is nothing worse than having a small bathroom. Lack of space can be problematic in any part of your home. However, in this case, it becomes even more apparent.

A lot of different items need to fit into this room. Have in mind that most of us prefer putting our make-up in bathroom as it is more convenient. Besides that, there are also other hygienic procedures which need to be done within this space.

It becomes really hard to use this room properly if you are unable to move around. Nevertheless, there are certain tricks which you can use to increase the available space and to make it more pleasant to the eye.

Here are 6 tips which you can use for you tinny bathroom.

#1. Increase it!

This is an obvious tip but most people do not dare changing the layout of their home. As we emphasized, bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. That being said, it is not farfetched that you should increase it by demolishing a couple of walls. Yes, this activity will be costly but it will be worth it in the end. Naturally, if you have a small apartment, this tip will not do you much good.

#2. Buying hardware according to available space

Most people have certain views when they start creating or renovating their bathroom. But, you always have to be realistic. People who are limited by available space need to get items proportionally smaller. If you wanted to get a big bathtub, you will have to be realistic and get a shower instead. Here, like with anything else, there is some space to make adjustments. For example, if you really care about having drugs in your bathroom then, you can make a trade-off and skim on something that you do not care about while getting a bigger cabinet.

#3. Remove all the items which you do not need

Do you remember previously mentioned drug cabinet? Well, it needs to go.

Small bathroom can only take so much stuff. Make sure to remove everything that is not necessary. This primarily includes drugs and make-up. Also, some individuals make a mistake by adding too many towels. Some of us prefer having spare shampoos and other products. Unfortunately, if you have a tinny bathroom at your disposal, you probably know that there is no room for these products.

These three tips will definitely help you with available space. However, what to do if you made all these changes and your bathroom still looks small?

No worries, there are some tricks which you can use to make your bathroom feel bigger as well.

#4. Add a window

Windows are really amazing regardless of whether you have a small or a big bathroom. First of all, they are really hygienic allowing you to ventilate the room. Besides that, they make your room feel bigger. All it takes is one look outside and you will feel as if you have a lot of space at your disposal.

#5. Use light colors

Using dark colors for your tiles and walls can be disastrous. Even though they are much more luxurious, they make room feel constricted. Instead, you should opt for brighter nuances. This can be especially good if you also have windows installed and sunshine can reflect off tiles. It will bring much more natural light into the room

#6. Do not use shower curtains

Although your available space is limited, you are able to pull off some visual tricks that will make it look bigger. Do not use curtains for your bathtub or shower. As a result, person who is looking at it see the opposite wall making it feel as if it much bigger. If his view stopped on a curtain, the space would look much smaller. Additionally, you can use the same tiles in shower which you used for the rest of the room. Because of this, your entire room will have a same feel and your view will go into the distance.

With all these tips you will be able to do wonders with your bathroom. Besides optimization, small bathrooms can also look bigger with small visual tricks. Use both of these methods in order to increase the room, both visually and functionally.